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Oh God, there's a new Artemis Fowl installment!


CAUTION: the picture featured here is uncensored and a little too graphic for little kids. Parental Advisory required.

"Your market value, your resurrection
Your shallow concept Help yourself, I hope you choke and die"
-pretty handsome awkward; The Used-

That's it for the intro.Need I say anymore?
hey, it's Raya's eve and I'm so not in the mood for Raya. Hahaha. I hate that ****ing shedload of homework. Dammit. and some people just like to get on your nerves. ARRRGHHH!
I hate going to school if you have to face the same face everyday. How sad could that be?
here's a few verses of rage for you..
like a puppet on a string when are you cutting me loose? get my life in sync and be happy with what I choose It's miserable being tied down and shackled what am I to you? just a sickly little mule? You'd have the bones in my grave rattled
I feel damn angry, I just need to vent in here, I've been feeling angry for the last five months or so, but most of them came out…

Guilty Pleasure

Today I watched the third installment of The Mummy Saga. well, the action scenes were nice, no flaws for that matter, but plot-wise and character-wise, not as good as the other two. Brendan Fraser looks too young to be grown-up Alex's dad, and something about the 'new evy' that makes it seem as if the two never had any chemistry in the first place. Jonathan's character seems plain boring and didn't help to build up the plot. The lines were tad cheesy. Other than that, I've also watched Good Luck Chuck unintentionally. What's too say? Too much sex, I'm not watching anything like that again. Although I do know that if the boys got their paws on that, they'd be..ah well, lets not get into the details. The boys are so damn gross. Last year, I found pieces of paper in a boy's desk which had 'detailed descriptions'. I itched to give that sample to the teacher, but I don't want to get in trouble with the guys, but what's for sure, you&#…

Viva La Vida

Aha, another movie I've recently watched. You've seriously got to catch this. One of the 'Wajib tengok' movies this year. In this movie, it explores the theme of humanity, and yeah, maybe on the environment and a bit on metallic love. E.V.E. and WALL.E are so cute, and you can't helpbut feel sorry for poor old WALL.E who goes to extreme measures for E.V.E. yep, they've got their facts right on the cockraoch being able to survive in a hostile, supposedly 'inhabitable' environment. One thing that still dissatisfies me is that, yeah, earth is portrayed being all barren and 'inhabitable', but where's the seriousness of the situation? where's the hostility? It was as if WALL.E was just 'house-sitting' for the humans while they were out for a little bit, yeah, more like, 700 friggin' years! and I bet with all the pollution, the atmosphere must have been riddled with high levels of carbon dioxide! How can the humans still acclimatise to …

Long Walk Home

I recently watched The Green mile. Okay, it was nice. I love the drama, and the ending reminded me of Sir Isaac Newton's sci-fi short story, but I seem to have forgotten the title. It was about a super smart computer designed to store all data on human beings all over the world, and people seem to dump all the world's troubles into it. It was also designed to predict crimes, so that the police could stop it. The system has been successful since then. However, there came a point where the computer could'nt take it anymore and orchestrated it's own murder. That attempt was, alas, unsuccessful. That was also the reason why John Coffey chose to die in the arms of 'Old sparky', the electric chair.. quote, " I can't stand seeing people being ugly to each other.." wow, a powerful phrase indeed.

When It Rains

when it rains, and it pours and you're out on your own
and I crash on the couch and I sleep in my clothes....... eh, wrong lyrics!

anyway, I've done nothing for the past few days except eat, sleep, breathe music. Now I have Agnes Monica's Matahariku playing on my Winamp. I've got tons of homework that I have not done yet. I'm now in front of the Old Computer coz the new one's jammed. **** the connection. Now, just so you know, this blog's pretty much Censored and decent, except for political matters, that is.

It was never meant to be censored, unless if it were commenting on issues that could jeopardise the inter-racial harmony. hey, if you don't believe me, check out all my political posts, most of them mainly criticizes Malays. I personally won't give a damn what other people want to do, they have their own free will, but as a Malay, I feel that it is important to 'berpesan-pesan sesama sendiri as well as diri sendiri', right?

no, I'm not …


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15 weird things that you might not know about Nurul Kamilah:

1. I can sleep with my eyes open, which is why I don't get caught sleeping in class. The only way I get caught is when my heavy head gives in to Newton's Law of gravity.
2. One day, I might be plotting on world domination, that'll show 'em to mess with a meek creature like me.
3. I get 'high' on coffee. I know it's unhealthy, but I think I'm addicted.
4. I'm a sucker for guys in a crisp shirt. blechh!
5. I'm sacrificing my snooze time to do this tag is coz I can't sleep in the first place.
6. I hate dressing up. Really. So, I'm not really looking forward much for the Raya celebration at school after this school holiday. The only thing that's keeping my Raya flame alive for that day is my rave for food. heheh
7. Okay, eight more to go..hurm..I guess that I can say is that I am at my worst when I am angry. so, it is best you keep a galaxy's distance before…


Question: What is your vision for Malaysia in 2057 when the country celebrates its Centennial Independence celebration?Title: Malaysian Makeover: From Manufacture to Multimedia When the country celebrates its Centennial Independence, I foresee Malaysia as a developed country, with large metropolitan cities populated by technologically advanced and knowledgeable citizens. It would be a prosperous nation with an educated workforce who enjoys a high living standard. We would also be a highly competitive and innovative global player, instantly recognizable and respected in the international arena.I believe this vision is possible based on Malaysia’s development track record from the post-merdeka days until now, mainly due to its dynamic policies and effective leadership. Also, by the year 2057, Vision 2020 would have long been achieved and Malaysia’s status as a developed country will no longer be in its infancy.Malaysia has seen a three-phase transition throughout her fifty years of inde…

A Day At Senak Beach

Where in the middle of nowhere did I find this place?
I have no idea, but the idea was from Teacher Rozie, and it turned out to be a blast for all the Sidang Redaksi SEMASA members, or REDAX.
It was three days before puasa and everyone had a time of their lives.
Well, just so you know, the 'Senak Beach is in Bachok. It's actually an untouched beauty really, because the pollution isn't so bad and the coastal erosion is not as bad as in PCB. Plus, we had a picturesque lighthouse setting against the sunset sky to boot.
I regretted for not bringing my camera because it was such a beautiful place. Initially, we had a bit of a problem organising this year-end party, and yeah, I guess it could count as the official retirement for the fivers, so it was a bit of an appreciation ceremony as well. However, against the odds, despite all the problems we had: being two hours off schedule, the 'dewan makan' not complying to our requests and all.. we had some kampung-style dish of gri…


These were the some of the pictures from my school's Merdeka Eve celebration.
I finally discovered the euphoria of running.
Argh, scratch that!