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When It Rains

when it rains, and it pours and you're out on your own
and I crash on the couch and I sleep in my clothes....... eh, wrong lyrics!

anyway, I've done nothing for the past few days except eat, sleep, breathe music. Now I have Agnes Monica's Matahariku playing on my Winamp. I've got tons of homework that I have not done yet. I'm now in front of the Old Computer coz the new one's jammed. **** the connection. Now, just so you know, this blog's pretty much Censored and decent, except for political matters, that is.

It was never meant to be censored, unless if it were commenting on issues that could jeopardise the inter-racial harmony. hey, if you don't believe me, check out all my political posts, most of them mainly criticizes Malays. I personally won't give a damn what other people want to do, they have their own free will, but as a Malay, I feel that it is important to 'berpesan-pesan sesama sendiri as well as diri sendiri', right?

no, I'm not making up pathetic excuses to defend myself. I am actually rationalising my cause that many people always fail to understand.

oh yeah, about the title When It Rains, it was random actually, since I did put Paramore's song of the same title in my blog just recently. When I read the title, it reminded me of the recent 1119 lesson, where we learnt Looking For a Rain God and Monsoon History. Two very closely-related literature components to the rain. The latter described the situation with no rain, while in the other, there was too much rain! My, how much the human lives revolve around the rain.

Personally, I look at the rain in many perspectives, negative, positive and neutral.

most of the time, people associate rain with sadness, while some with joy. well, it is fun to get soaked to the skin walking, okay, running, in the rain sometimes, aha! Another word associated with rain- nostalgia.

no, it's not raining in KL as it should be in Kelantan. I hope this raya doesn't rain, it'll spoil the mood, but I would'nt mind if it would, it'll give me an excuse to snuggle beneath the covers.

okay, moving on to the next song on my Winamp now, Mengintai Langit. coincidence?


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