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Deeper Conversations

Language has become a popular issue lately, especially regarding PPSMI. To me, I'd prefer PPSMI to be maintained, because in this fast-paced globalisation era, it is important to master the latest development in science as soon as possible. If one is not well-verse in English, then they will not be able to understand, let alone master new skills as soon as possible because most of the materials are available in English. Translating takes time, but time and tide waits for no man, especially in this world today. Sometimes the knowledge we learn today might be obsolete tomorrow due to fast developments made in other more developed countries, and we need to catch up to that, if not, we will be left behind.

Yet again, the question of the indigenous people's mastery in English that becomes a hindrance to their acquisition of knowledge pops up alongside the question of the deteriorating appreciation for the Malay language that has become our identity for so long.

I disagree that PPSMI …

Taming Tigers

If you have not read this book, get you hands on it quick!
Yes, I'm serious, it is that good.

simply because it is unforgivingly, brutally honest.
What I love of this book is basically the fact that not a single word has gone to waste. Every single description is relevant, and makes for a pinpoint analogy of each scenario in the book. When you traverse each sentence, you already have an idea what the author is trying to portray in the way he describes what the characters do, wear, walk, talk. the simple gestures represent the very soul of the culture so imminently depicted in this book.
And the main character, Balram, seems so real that you could almost believe that he actually runs around in the streets, er, slums of India. The complexity of emotions and the inner turmoil he felt as he expresses his views on the issues.
The author's ideas of a new-age caste of small-bellied and big-bellied people and the Rooster Coop has been compellingly displayed along the storyline, and y…


Hey, more photo posts.

There seems to be a virus that resides in my pendrive after being infected from the school computer. The pesky virus wouldn't go away and it messed up my files, so I lost a lot of information, including all my photos! I swear I'm not sticking any more pendrives into my home pc!

By the way, I found some of these pictures in my home pc. These are all last year's pictures, mind you:

COOKING CLASS gone awry!

actually, it was for our 'innovation' project that didn't-turn-out-well-and-in-the-end-was-terbengkalai last year.

This was the second batch of the "cough drops" that actually turned out as gula-gula nisan. I didn't even know such a candy existed until we did this. so, despite being a failure, it was an educational one. Part of the team were Atiq and Liyana. haa..the good old days.

peppermint extract.

melting the 'nisan'.

adding 'em groundnuts.

what's cooking? A whole lotta goop!'s a mix of crushed groundn…

nama di ruangSaya

You're just a name on my MySpace
another face in my Facebook
the vibrant profiles seem so empty and meaningless
masking an even more vacant soul
the fantasies of an Alter Ego

You send me Virtual Hugs and Electronic Cupcakes
crossing frontiers of touch and taste
senses ceasing to exist
so as sincere emotions
because affection
is given a new definition these days
of Virtual Hugs and Electronic Cupcakes
from a name on my Myspace


from experience.

Child of Hope
By: Nurul Kamilah Binti Mat Kamil

Tears welled up in my eyes, as I choked out a reply to my teacher’s question.
“I’m sorry, teacher, I cannot read this. It’s in English.”

I saw Mr. Teo go red in the face, ready to spank me.

“What has your mother taught you? She’s an English teacher, how can she not have taught you anything?”

The tears came streaming down my cheeks, as I ran out of the class, terrified. Mr Teo called after me, but I didn’t even look back.

As I was halfway down the corridor, heading for the exit, a gentle hand grasped my wrists.

“Sany,” the soft voice beckoned.

I spun around to see Miss Hasniza, my foster mother and English teacher.

“Where are you going?” She asked, her face contorting in concern.

“I want to go back.”

She held my small, trembling body in an embrace. “It’s all right.”

Miss Hasniza took me to the cafeteria and sat me down on a chair like a toddler. She bought me a currypuff, and calmly told me to eat, even though recess was over an hour a…


the First Corporate Day of 2009, I can't remember when..

blurred picture..arghh

the Fivers at the Roll-call on Corporate Day

In my class, with the assistant monitor, Adilah

with Nora

prefects: Hannan, Echoh, Atiq and Muja Anis, Kam, Muja and Nanihere's a short clip taken during the role call. However, I don't have any footage of the boys, though.well, there you have it, Corporate Day. comments on the attire?

KOT 26/2/09

these are all pictures of the Rahman house tent. One house claimed to have spent a total of RM 3000 for the tent decor.

with Wani. gosh, I suddenly realize that I don't have any of the parade pictures.

the belles of the ball..? eih..macam mak datin je aku pakai kebaya and selendang..perhh!

With headgirl Aisyah at the Mahathir tent. In the background is the replica of a ship and an anchor.

Omar, Syakir, now headboy, and me in the Mahathir tent.

My Editor-In-Chief-cum-Mahathir designer Syau.

the other assistant editor-in-chief, Nafis.

with Senior Amir of Hussein hous…