Friday, March 13, 2009


the First Corporate Day of 2009, I can't remember when..

blurred picture..arghh

the Fivers at the Roll-call on Corporate Day

In my class, with the assistant monitor, Adilah

with Nora

prefects: Hannan, Echoh, Atiq and Muja

Anis, Kam, Muja and Nani

here's a short clip taken during the role call. However, I don't have any footage of the boys, though.


well, there you have it, Corporate Day. comments on the attire?

KOT 26/2/09

these are all pictures of the Rahman house tent. One house claimed to have spent a total of RM 3000 for the tent decor.

with Wani. gosh, I suddenly realize that I don't have any of the parade pictures.

the belles of the ball..? eih..macam mak datin je aku pakai kebaya and selendang..perhh!

With headgirl Aisyah at the Mahathir tent. In the background is the replica of a ship and an anchor.

Omar, Syakir, now headboy, and me in the Mahathir tent.

My Editor-In-Chief-cum-Mahathir designer Syau.

the other assistant editor-in-chief, Nafis.

with Senior Amir of Hussein house.

me and Anis at the Hussein totem pole.

with the Hussein house president Amin.

with my Sejarah teacher, Cikgu Rodzieh.


with Nora and Faiqah at the Razak tent.

Anas as Peter Pan??

the PKRs (Penolong Ketua Rumah) of Hussein (Muja), Razak (Adah), Mahathir (Hannan) and Rahman (Atiq)

Syafirie and Jija

I can't remember what this trophy was for, but it was ours!

unfortunately I couldn't upload the formation marching video due to its large size..sob..sob..

Charity Golf 28/2/09

I didn't win anything, just played for fun. Pa came to Kelantan that day.

and currently I'm busy with... Exam Penggal..

Watikah Pelantikan Badan Pemimpin Pelajar..110309..the most hectic one yet.. because right after the ceremony, the fivers had Sejarah exam!

Gamelan girls: Zaleha, Muja, Syuhadah, Kam, Hannan, Atiq, Esoh

sekadar bercanda

alahai Hannan


tadaah! All in all, I'm so glad it's over, it was good when it lasted.hehs..


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