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Summer, Salam Raya and Start of The Term


I know Syawal is wayyy past due. I've been pretty busy doing stuff during the summer, with school and going off to Ottawa and all.

So, here's some photos of my Raya.

MyMac Raya (Sept 23rd at Second Year Boys' house. Images credited to Amirul Hakim, Final year Engineering McMaster).

Abang Zam made laksa sarawak. Barang rare ni yo. 

And yeah, that's my lil' junior Dojay. (Little lah sangat, I yang little). 
We made currypuff too. Dojay yang ajar. 

Ottawa Raya


Aisha with le Beaver tail

Mosaika light show!


Salam Satu Farisian. haha

Byward Market