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like the floating particles
in the pouring sunlight
through dusty curtains
in a long-emptied room
but filled with an air
of loss
and lingering sense of regret
after your departure -KL, 3.07 am, Aug 26, 2015



My love is the color of sunsets Though worn from travel and toil, "I'm home!" I'd call from the distance Running into your embrace and there I would stay through the night My love is the morning dew As the daylight comes, it is renewed Lingering in timelessness Again, I get lost in you Your love is my refuge My center of gravity You, the one I come home to. KL, 1.41pm, Aug 11, 2015.


kusangka sisa sampah sarap di jalanan
terburai butir-butir nasi dijamah dirona merah sambal
bungkusan dicarik rakus binatang buas kelaparan
 lalat turut menghurung berpesta

rupanya kuteliti
kulihat mata yang tertutup milik bangkai rupa manusia

I stopped cuz my command of Malay for literature purposes is still lacking and I couldn't express what I wanted to express the way I want to. So I guess this is a work in progress. 

First Poem of The Year


I am the empty seat. The unoccupied side of the bed. The clothes that don't see the light of day In a dusty wardrobe. That distance not traversed. I am, oft, absent. but I want to be that cup of coffee That sits on your desk. As you write your letters. Once a while you will look at me. And hold me. I hope this warmth would suffice. In absence of mine. KL, 9.18 pm, Aug 10th, 2015.

Old Essay

I will revisit this one day. Properly.

Implications of the Interpretations of Islam: Comparative Gender Studies in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel and Davar Ardalan’s My Name Is Iran.

Nurul Kamilah Mat Kamil 1007C10614 Period 3
ENG4U Mr. S. Wise
May 5, 2011

           The status of Islam‘s relevance and compatibility to modern context such as individual women’s rights is a debatable issue. Presently, in Muslim communities, discrepancies in gender equality still occur despite the claim that Islam has already given women their rights. Muslim women are being discriminated against in education, are deemed unfit to lead in some countries and they don’t have rights to their own bodies and opinions. These discrepancies, examined in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel and Davar Ardalan’s My Name Is Iran are caused by the different interpretations of Islam.             A woman’s education opportunities are stripped as they get married because the society demands women to be homemakers and faithful wives to their husban…

Away Writeup

My blurb was featured here
But I actually did a full writeup for all the questions. So I suppose, this was the full thing that I came up with if it suits your fancy. 

Nurul Kamilah Mat Kamil, McMaster University, Canada, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, B.Eng
1.How much did you change as a person as the result of your overseas education?
I am definitely not the same person as I was when I left the country. Although there was little to no physical changes (I have not grown any taller nor gained any weight as my friends can testify), there is a big change in my outlook of the world. Being in contact with people of different cultures and different backgrounds abroad has widened my perspectives. It has given me an opportunity to be exposed to different sides of the same story. For example, having known people who have actually emigrated from war-torn countries or refugees in Canada. You get a first-hand account of the goings-on and it makes you question what the media has been dishin…