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Hallo Leute,

I haven't been on this blog for ages! More than a year perhaps? My last post was in 2016. I thought I'd have given up on blogging, but recently Twitter switched to 280 characters limit and I have been making full use of it, then I thought to myself, if I wanted to write verbosely, I could have just blogged about it right. I could use Facebook too, I guess, but recently, I'm not too into Facebook, and I think no one much really comes by my blog, so, I guess, my blog is the best place. 2016 was a roller coaster and 2017 is a continuation of that and there's only about a month left in 2017, and I'm probably in the most stressful stage of my Master's and it will continue soon up to early next year. Idk I've not been enjoying this journey so far. Everything I feared back in 2014 came back to haunt me. I had always been so sure of myself from a young age wanting to go into academia and when I'm actually here with it staring it in my face, I'm…