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Late Night Ramblin' In Turbans

I just thought of saying a few words, I ain't got much time nowadays, but I sometimes feel compelled to write. I haven't expressed myself very articulately lately other than the incessant banal blurbs of Facebook or Twitter.

So, today I just want to comment on the "kepimpinan ulama'" because since elections are close, many people have been piping about that on Facebook, I'm not sure if it's because my friends and I have already reached that age when you're suddenly bold about your political views or something, but my news feed seems to be awash with an impressive wave of political battle cries for ulama' leadership.

Imma come clean and say I ain't got no fancy holy book excerpts or quotes from authoritative figures, it's merely my opinion of what I think about this.

"Ulama'" comes from the word "ilm", so you kinda get a rough idea that these people are people with privileged knowledge about the religion. There might…

Some kind of syndrome

There's actually a couple of things I'd actually wanted to pen down, to kind of put my thoughts in a proper channel, and there's actually quite a few books that I'd wanted to read, quite a few people I'd wanted to talk to and things to do, but obviously, I end up asking myself "Where did my reading week go?" and bam! I'm dead centre in the busiest time of the term.

I am currently typing this with a splitting headache. I have been looking at assembly codes for a midterm and there's quite a lot more slides I have to go through and labs and a sample midterm. My attention span is getting pretty poor.

I currently despise being a keyboard warrior on Facebook. I'd rather write it properly on my blog with proper structure and elaboration which would at least look like it's something worth being taken seriously for (or not, depending if I meant it as a witty -har, har- journal entry, or a serious entry) rather than just some hooligan-y trolling com…


Something's over taken
the comfort of old slippers
it's something magnanimous
estranging us of the pet names
we used to call each other

I guess riding fast cars
made me a lotus eater
it has deprived me of the memories
of our little tea parties

See I got this new set of frames
it makes my face a little bit more gaunt
it's not that I've dismissed the humor
of our secret jokes

It all reduces to the dust in the wind
How foolish I was to think
that an overturning wave
would look perpetually the same
and that time was relative.

As the walls swallow me whole
I resigned all hopes of reclaiming
the intimacy of shared meals
and soft whispers in the pillow
I guess it's time I go.