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TOPSY TURVY all yer comments in the previous post, thanks fer all yer support...huhuhuhuuu
but I haven't had the chance to reply them, nor read them. I am now at the cyber cafe to POUR MY HEART OUT on my ToPsY TurVy life lately.

for Golf, I scored 68 for 11 holes on the first day and 125 for 18 holes on the second day. Yep, I still came out third, but I was on cloud nine with a single par on the first hole. hey, I know I'm being overdramatic, but it's my first par yet for a competition. That goes to show how bad I am, hahaha. Well, I'm not sure whether I made the cut or not to the nationals, but Madam seems eager for me to go to the nationals, but truth be told, there is NO WAY I'M GONNA MISS A WHOLE WEEK OF CLASS!!!!!!!! Plus, after the penggal holidays is my penggal exam, during the holidys is when I usually have to catch up. My Accountancy is on a low, and so as everything else. Hell, I quitted public speaking so that I could stay in class, and I did my best to re…


let me calculate the expenses for these two months alone:

already paid:
RM 140 for baju corporate
RM 40 for Rahman parade costume
RM 30 golf club t-shirt
RM 20 for two-month's golf club fees
oh, not to mention my flight tickets!

about to be paid:
RM 50 for Rahman t-shirt
RM 50 for prefects corporate clothes
blazer- high possiblity that we have to pay for our own
yuran sekolah for this year has not yet been collected
golf expenses
flight tickets

if I were to calculate all my previous expenses in the five years that I've been at this school, (I don't think I'll mention it yet, I'm at school and I'm subjected to time constraint) I can buy myself a house and a car, maybe? I am now in the access centre, trying to get the SEMASA magazine done. All my prep hours that should have been spent getting my homeework done is gone!

golf is next week.......aaarrgghhhh!!!!!!!