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Hey, more photo posts.

There seems to be a virus that resides in my pendrive after being infected from the school computer. The pesky virus wouldn't go away and it messed up my files, so I lost a lot of information, including all my photos! I swear I'm not sticking any more pendrives into my home pc!

By the way, I found some of these pictures in my home pc. These are all last year's pictures, mind you:

COOKING CLASS gone awry!

actually, it was for our 'innovation' project that didn't-turn-out-well-and-in-the-end-was-terbengkalai last year.

This was the second batch of the "cough drops" that actually turned out as gula-gula nisan. I didn't even know such a candy existed until we did this. so, despite being a failure, it was an educational one. Part of the team were Atiq and Liyana. haa..the good old days.

peppermint extract.

melting the 'nisan'.

adding 'em groundnuts.

what's cooking? A whole lotta goop!'s a mix of crushed groundnuts, flour, cinnamon, honey adn peppermint extract. Thanks to Cikgu Aidah for letting us borrow her stove and make a mess out of the Home Economics room, and thanks to our adik-adik form 3 at that time who helped us mash the nuts. =)

and the finished product. I know it looks unflattering, but the first batch was worse, the one that I did with my granny during the holidays. Indeed, the project was a flash in the pan (pun intended).

next is the biji Katak Puru as a cure for diabetes project that was also terbengkalai.

introducing buah kodok

we were suppose to test on wether or not the extract from the seed could actually reduce glucose content, so we conducted an experiment involving the Benedict's solution to test for presence of glucose in the mix of kodok-extract and glucose. Well, it didn't turn out right, so in the end, since I was too busy with my other commitments, the project was abandoned.

next are the pictures from Arabic Cultural Festival in SBPI Jempol. I met Affan and Amirual Izzat, my ole' SKLK schoolmates who went to SBPI Sabak Bernam and STAR, respectively. But I didn't get to take any pictures with them.

yep, Hishamuddin steals the limelight all right, but I'm not fanatic enough to be in the same photo with him.

The guys (Hakim, Aiman Yusoh and Latif) and girls (Jannah, me and Farhanah) with Ustazah Noraziah on Day 1. Oh, the sad thing about HK ARab is that I lost all my precious group pictures. It was my first time with my KODAk C713, and someone had accidentally deleted my pictures. *sob*sob* These are the pictures from Farhanah.

with Farhanah

and..the best thing was..I was a BPI (Badan Pelajar Islam) or the Faris version of BADAR for a day.. alim-alim pun akulah yang pakai tudung singkat sekali..geli hati betul..

Pantai Sabak for our Shell-NSTP Global Warming Journalism Workshop and our Form 3 Geography kerja kursus. =D This is the only 'surviving' picture I have of Pantai Sabak after the virus ordeal.

well, that's about all.


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