Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long Walk Home

I recently watched The Green mile. Okay, it was nice. I love the drama, and the ending reminded me of Sir Isaac Newton's sci-fi short story, but I seem to have forgotten the title. It was about a super smart computer designed to store all data on human beings all over the world, and people seem to dump all the world's troubles into it. It was also designed to predict crimes, so that the police could stop it. The system has been successful since then. However, there came a point where the computer could'nt take it anymore and orchestrated it's own murder. That attempt was, alas, unsuccessful. That was also the reason why John Coffey chose to die in the arms of 'Old sparky', the electric chair.. quote, " I can't stand seeing people being ugly to each other.." wow, a powerful phrase indeed.

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