Thursday, September 25, 2008


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15 weird things that you might not know about Nurul Kamilah:

1. I can sleep with my eyes open, which is why I don't get caught sleeping in class. The only way I get caught is when my heavy head gives in to Newton's Law of gravity.
2. One day, I might be plotting on world domination, that'll show 'em to mess with a meek creature like me.
3. I get 'high' on coffee. I know it's unhealthy, but I think I'm addicted.
4. I'm a sucker for guys in a crisp shirt. blechh!
5. I'm sacrificing my snooze time to do this tag is coz I can't sleep in the first place.
6. I hate dressing up. Really. So, I'm not really looking forward much for the Raya celebration at school after this school holiday. The only thing that's keeping my Raya flame alive for that day is my rave for food. heheh
7. Okay, eight more to go..hurm..I guess that I can say is that I am at my worst when I am angry. so, it is best you keep a galaxy's distance before i turn into incredible she-hulk.
8. I have lots of alter egos and I give them names, then I make up life stories for them, which I use to write for my 1119 essays.
9. My life seems to obey an up-and-down pattern. According to that pattern, it should be going up in a bit, so I'm just waiting for it to get better any time now....please..
10. I can be emo and miss konnyaku the next moment..hell, what borderline personality disorder is this?
11. hey, I'm not really writing weird things 'bout me aite? well, there's one thing I do find weird about myself is that I have to buy at least TWO items from any store that I go too.
12. I'm actually a perfectionist. Yeah, I know not many people believe it judging from my formless handwriting, but I'm serious. I am a perfectionist.
13. Now it's getting hard..hurm..what else? I used to hate having my picture taken, now I'm a photo freak.
14. I find it weird that I am able to be an English debater, but not a Malay one.
15. Lastly, it's nice, for me, to be one of the boys..

okay, so what's weird about YOU??
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