Sunday, September 28, 2008

Viva La Vida

Aha, another movie I've recently watched. You've seriously got to catch this. One of the 'Wajib tengok' movies this year.
In this movie, it explores the theme of humanity, and yeah, maybe on the environment and a bit on metallic love. E.V.E. and WALL.E are so cute, and you can't helpbut feel sorry for poor old WALL.E who goes to extreme measures for E.V.E.
yep, they've got their facts right on the cockraoch being able to survive in a hostile, supposedly 'inhabitable' environment.
One thing that still dissatisfies me is that, yeah, earth is portrayed being all barren and 'inhabitable', but where's the seriousness of the situation? where's the hostility?
It was as if WALL.E was just 'house-sitting' for the humans while they were out for a little bit, yeah, more like, 700 friggin' years!
and I bet with all the pollution, the atmosphere must have been riddled with high levels of carbon dioxide! How can the humans still acclimatise to that so instantly as they set foot on earth? It was as if nothing has happened at all.
They should show the global meltdown due to global warming and the humans got away, okay, logically, it would be a few humans, on board a shipwhile the rest perished in the apocalyptic disaster.
The animators made it so easy, as if giving a message that it's okay to damage earth, cos we're all gonna be fine soon and we can go back and start all over again. That is so not true. who ever gave you a second chance in the aftermath of an undone damage?
Sudah terhantuk baru nak tengadah?
In the mean time, who does all the dirty work? poor little robots like WALL.E who has been running for the last 700 years.
This proves how much human beings have been bad to the bone and still is.
However, I would agree that to save planet earth, the human being population must be rid of completely.

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