Monday, September 29, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Today I watched the third installment of The Mummy Saga. well, the action scenes were nice, no flaws for that matter, but plot-wise and character-wise, not as good as the other two. Brendan Fraser looks too young to be grown-up Alex's dad, and something about the 'new evy' that makes it seem as if the two never had any chemistry in the first place. Jonathan's character seems plain boring and didn't help to build up the plot. The lines were tad cheesy. Other than that, I've also watched Good Luck Chuck unintentionally. What's too say? Too much sex, I'm not watching anything like that again. Although I do know that if the boys got their paws on that, they'd be..ah well, lets not get into the details. The boys are so damn gross. Last year, I found pieces of paper in a boy's desk which had 'detailed descriptions'. I itched to give that sample to the teacher, but I don't want to get in trouble with the guys, but what's for sure, you'll never know what's on the twisted mind of theirs. Drat! What am I doing bitching 'bout this in here?

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