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CAUTION: the picture featured here is uncensored and a little too graphic for little kids. Parental Advisory required.

"Your market value, your resurrection
Your shallow concept
Help yourself, I hope you choke and die"

-pretty handsome awkward; The Used-

That's it for the intro.Need I say anymore?

hey, it's Raya's eve and I'm so not in the mood for Raya. Hahaha. I hate that ****ing shedload of homework. Dammit. and some people just like to get on your nerves. ARRRGHHH!

I hate going to school if you have to face the same face everyday. How sad could that be?

here's a few verses of rage for you..

like a puppet on a string
when are you cutting me loose?
get my life in sync
and be happy with what I choose
It's miserable being tied down and shackled
what am I to you?
just a sickly little mule?
You'd have the bones in my grave rattled

I feel damn angry, I just need to vent in here, I've been feeling angry for the last five months or so, but most of them came out through physical means, and things did get ugly. I repeat, things did get ugly. i was she-hulk the minute I saw red and..let me spare you the details.

I am so totally out of control right now, and sometimes, I feel the 'satisfaction' of God forbid, blasphemies. i am not happy, well, with almost anything, and i can't fathom my sudden dissatisfaction. What the hell is wrong with me??

oh God, now that Mindless Self Indulgence song Shut Me Up is playing in my head like a broken record.


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Okay, yesterday, I went to my little sister's kindergarten sports day held at SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju Hall. Well, the field is wet because it has been raining almost every day in KL, well, in my area.
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