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A Day At Senak Beach

Where in the middle of nowhere did I find this place?

I have no idea, but the idea was from Teacher Rozie, and it turned out to be a blast for all the Sidang Redaksi SEMASA members, or REDAX.

It was three days before puasa and everyone had a time of their lives.

Well, just so you know, the 'Senak Beach is in Bachok. It's actually an untouched beauty really, because the pollution isn't so bad and the coastal erosion is not as bad as in PCB. Plus, we had a picturesque lighthouse setting against the sunset sky to boot.

I regretted for not bringing my camera because it was such a beautiful place.
Initially, we had a bit of a problem organising this year-end party, and yeah, I guess it could count as the official retirement for the fivers, so it was a bit of an appreciation ceremony as well.
However, against the odds, despite all the problems we had: being two hours off schedule, the 'dewan makan' not complying to our requests and all..
we had some kampung-style dish of grilled chicken and fish, some ulam and budu (which I stayed away from), some pulut kuning and telur rampai, dalca, telur masin (Affan totally pigged out on it), some D.I.Y. 'colek buah' and syrup drink.. yum..

Afterwards, we had a game of tarik tali, one for the boys and one for the the feeling of being children once more.
And yeah, since we were two hours off schedule, we had to get on the move for Asar prayers since there wasn't any facilities there.

Later on, the party continues at the Sultan Ismail Airport, Kota Bharu (note: this airport is literally at the doorstep of my school, okay maybe it takes a three-minute drive..)
The certificate and tokens of appreciation were given away, yaddyayyadda

It was a pity that the principal did'nt come, and the whole REDAX team was kind of incomplete.
All in all, the sweat and tears poured into the effort of organising this year-end party was worth it. It was a day to remember.


Hey, kak.

Nice to hear from you.

P/S: My new blog:
Total #@% %*#$, kak. Lose ALL your music files?!? Well, what kind of virus was it this time?
Reason for the new blog? Ntah. Saja. It's a need. But I'm still using my old blog.

Trojans usually send "gifts" while secretly deleting files, like cute graphics and stuff.

Maybe your thumbdrive caught a new virus. Thousands appear everyday. Chances are, the antivirus may be outdated. So maybe that's why it didn't detect anything.

"N." is already over. Tell you about it soon.
safwansofruddin said…
Senak beach ni dekat ngan Irama Beach ke???

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