Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, I'll be leaving tomorrow, early!

And I'm still partially traumatised by that delayed flight. Papa said that they don't have money for maintenance. That creeps me out even more.

A summary of this holiday is that I've watched a lot more TV than I ever did in previous holidays.

I watched Yes!man, Get Smart and Juno. Some of Pixar's animation on Disney Channel. (c'mon, laugh!)

I got my work done, yay me! Only add maths is left, which I will dutifully finish it after this post.

My house smells like a bakery. First it was the lasagne, and then the cupcakes.

I drove a car for the first time and I wasn't good at it.

My pendrive buat hal lagi and I can't watch anything on Youtube, which is good, because it keeps me off the computer temporarily.

My ipod is now being used, but the music consists of Foreigner, The Eagles, The Police, Ebiet G. Ade and one Nelly Furtado track, which was from Pa's laptop. You know how melecehkan it is with the itunes?

and Pa got me a new Lumix, but I'm not bringing it to school, it's too precious, maybe after Raya when I've found it a suitable shock-absorbing casing (you know what happened to my Kodak).

I'll be going to school and waking up to go to the masjid before the azan, have tarawikh prayers, having the last ever meeting with Redaksi SEMASA (yes! I'm officially retiring), facing the results of the previous trial and another one coming up.


I can't wait?

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