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Alphanz and The Dab

The title does not refer to a new indie band name, for that matter!

It was the Alpha Sivic Project: Collaboration with SMK Dabong.

This picture was edited by Mat Luq.

I don't really have the mood to elaborate long since my posts nowadays are very short.
The thing is, I never actually imagined it was....... fun?
But, on the first day, Cikgu Razuki got so excited to show us around, after Asar prayers they were all on a rush and they accidentally left me at the Dabong asrama. I was pissed obviously and I missed out on Gua Ikan and durian fest, but I didn't stick up being a sour puss throughoutla, I tried to be happy.. and it turned out alright. there were lots of other fun stuff there.
For instance, we got to see the Gunung Stong Waterfall. played in the stream with cikgu rodziah and cikgu mazinah
Oh, and I did a blood glucose level test with a glucometer! and I also found out that my blood type is AB.
and all of us totally pigged out on durians for three whole days. I don't know how many times I danced the chicken dance for the three days
For the performance night, the boys: Izzat, Ise, Hakim, Nije and Mat Rong danced to 'One Love'. How cool is that?
Oh yeah, and the girls did the Malay version of Purest of Pain, and I did a completely impromptu rendition of Jonas Brothers' Burning Up, which, I swear i wouldn't pull off a stunt like that ever again.
You know why the name Alphanz came about?
Basically it was to remind us of what our class was before this: kelas kipas!
Hence, alpha-fans or Alphanz. It was Muja's idea.
I mean, I couldn't imagine that hanging out with the people of kelas kipas could actually be so much fun.

Well, it was one of the few good memories that was left for the final year.

getting ready to go

my group picture: Revolusi. Me, Hisyam and Amer were the facilitators

me and amsyar, the group leader

closing ceremony

so long, Dabong

The Alphanz 0509

here's the vid where the boys danced:

Well, from my experience there, I've raised a question.
"Just because you're not 'smart' enough, are you supposed to be denied of a good education?"
One of the students at SMK Dabong said that their teacher didn't even finish the syllabus for Additional Mathematics.
Can you imagine that?
Even for those students who finished their syllabus, yes, us from the SBP, still can't manage to answer very well, but what about those students who do not even finish their syllabus?
What do you expect them to answer?
That's like denying them the chance to even attempt the question, and to me, that's unfair.
Call me ungrateful, but some of those teachers should be sent there.
I mean, yeah, I understand, who wouldn't want to teach the 'brighter' kids compared to the 'underperforming' ones?
But, surely, life is never fair.
And this brings us to the question of: Restu Cikgu
(I try not to remember the conterversial English Week, for that matter, but the issue is actually deeper than that, but let's just keep it at that, eh?)
har har, but actually that topic is totally unrelated, but I've been itching to post about that. maybe later. It's a bit too sensitive, if you know what I mean.
The dawn of the new age has always been a sensitive issue.
ok, whatever.


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