Friday, May 14, 2010

mushy stuff

I still have Stolen to read. I'm done with Alex Flinn's Beastly.

Oh, It's coming out as a movie, by the way. You can read about it here:

Vanessa Hudgens is playing the heroine, by the way, (raises eyebrows).

Overall, it's still considered a kid's book, although I think there was one mention of 'b****', and all that 'sensitive hormone-overriding scenes' are figuratively and vaguely described. (like what I'm doing now). A few mention of groping, but nothing else than that, it's pretty mild.

Some parts were damn funny, while some parts don't really come across as brilliant for me, and it seems just like a change of name and place for the characters. You know, like a Malaysianised spy or actione hero movie or something. (you know, what movies I'm referring to, and local movies are not that original, save for Yasmin Ahmad's and very few others). It was still entertaining, and easy to read, though. No Information overload, no hard words, not much use for the brain to picture intricate details. Oh, and I learnt a new word that might come up in SAT, comeuppance. It means 'punishment' and the spelling looks suspiciously...French?

One point to ponder though: I wished boys thought themselves more like beasts.

ABSTINENCE. A wonderful word I learnt from 17 Again.

In the story, Adrian a.k.a. Kyle a.k.a. The Beast a.k.a. The Hero (oh, you get me) didn't even dare to sit less than a-foot close to Linda a.k.a. Lindy a.k.a. The Heroine, because he was scared of potentially hurting her and freaking her out. ALthough he really really really wanted to touch her so much, he held back. I can't describe it, but you should read it, I REALLY like the descriptions of his longing and pining for her. His wanting to tell her so much that he loves her, but he just can't. They were the most 'effective' parts in the novel, I think.

Of course, that all changed at the end of the story after he was human again, then, it was non-stop snogging, watcha expect? Getting together parts are like such a turn-off for me. Forgive me, I'm not that *ahhh...swoon* types that always-want-the-lovers-to-be-together-kinda-romantic.

I think guys need to find that inner beast in them to finally learn ABSTINENCE. In short, they need to feel 'beastly' to behave themselves around a girl.

and girls must play along as well, I guess.

For those who love fairy tales, do indulge yourselves. It is not a bad read. It was okay. Not dragging, not brilliant, but okay. Expect typical stereotypes. The heroic moment. Although, to me, the heroic moment didn't actually hit a climax I was hoping for, it seemed very typical. Theres tons of cliche's, well, it's a retelling of a fairy tale, you know what to expect in the ending and the set-up, but it has been given a fresh twist(okay, not really fresh), the same way in Percy Jackson (I'm comparing it with Percy Jackson?? Damn! I must still be obsessing over the final installment that I have yet to get my paws, I mean, hands on) Greek Mythology is revived in modern day US.

The hero and heroine's characters, although, okay lovable, but to me, not enough spunk and originality. Again, maybe it's because it's a retelling of a famous fairy tale.

Personally, my sick idea of romance is basically sad endings, star-crossed lovers who never end up together, constantly thinking of what-if's. Or stories of torture and heartache because your love wasn't meant to be. I love this girl, but she doesn't love me, she loves someone else. I want to touch her, but I can't. Man, I sound pathetic!

Then, in the book, there's the question of the selfish, unloving dad. Well, he never turned a new leaf, and that's sad. I was hoping for a little, eensy wincy change at least.

All in all, I like this book better than Twilight. The Beast-Lindy romance is more convincing than the Bella-Edward thing.

Edward's like, "I can't love her because she's my food, but I love her all the same."

Beast is like," I can't come on too strong, or she'll freak out because I'm a beast, I want her to love me the way I love her."

Okay, which sounds less cheesy?

Sue me, I find this line romantic. "Stay. You aren't my prisoner. You can leave at any time, but stay because you love me." Of course he didn't say it, although he wanted to.

Between a Beast and a 'god-like' vamp, I'd pick the Beast any day.

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