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My friend, Fikri secured a scholarship from YTN for power engineering course in UK, and will be going to KYUEM for two years of A-levels. (Good job, lad!)

I am posting his comment on my dad's wall, just to share about what power engineering is about (my blog is suddenly taking on a more educational approach now).

Fikri: i better drop off my comment here, btw, uncle pasal programming tu. what kind of programing? & bout the class, so i have to take the class on my own or isit included in my a level programme? then, so u also been studying at cardiff uni, wales ?
sorry for asking so many questions. :)

my dad: It depends, microcontrollers (assembly language), high-level programming langguage sucxh as C/C++. You need to have a more broader knowledge and skills. I am not familiar with UK system but in Malaysia, normally Power Engineering graduates are not strong in programming compared to graduates from American universities.

Fikri: oh, i see. so, this mean i've to take some extra classes at the uni. & this is all about my later on working prospect. If i'm better in programming, so i'll get myself a better job,right?
but my father said that UK is among the best place to do engineering. okay, I'll take ur advice & take the programming classes as well.thanks btw for the advice :)

my dad: (UK) Imperial College program in Control &Power Engineering:
specialization can be in Power System, Power Electronics, Control Theory, Applied Control Engineering.

(USA) RPI Electrical Engineering Degree:
Not many USA universities offering Power Engineering.

Fikri: thanks for the link, to be frank I'm actually kinda blurr bout what is power engineering all about, tried to wiki but nothing so informative can be found.thanks uncle. :)

my dad: Traditionally, power engineering deals with the power generation, power transmission. But now with the advancement of the computer, the control engineering is now part and parcel of the power engineering. I used to work on the control side of the power engineering where uncle developed SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) system to supervise, and control the power transmission. I wrote Man-Machine Interface program for SCADA system in 1990s.
The good features of American system is that it is flexible. JPA sent me for electrical engineering degree but I structured the program in such a way that I graduated with a double major and a minor. Major in Electrical Engineering and a second Major in Mathematics, and a Minor in Economics. Instead of graduating with 132 credits I graduated with 150 credits over 4-year period.

Fikri: wow, so in USA u can do that? awesome, but majoring in Elecrical Engineering & also mathematics, then also to minor in Economics. u surely had struggled a lot kan uncle in your study. only 4 years & u already have two majors. btw, now u're working as an Electrical Engineer?

my dad: No, i do not work as electrical engineer. I worked as hardware R&D engineer, software R&D engineer, and then i moved to management, managing R&D, innovation and product development.
not only I studied for double major and minor, I also work 20 hours a week as student assistant for 3 yeas and as master tutor for 2 yeas during my masters degree just to make extra money.

Fikri: oh, so u aren't working with the government la kan?
OMG OMG, while studying & after that managed to get all the majors & a minor. U also worked? okay, thats totally awesome. how can u cope with your study & at the same time working? i guess, u surely have a very brilliant wonder la Kam is so good . :)

my dad: I am not working with the government.
Kamilah took it from her mother....
I did not study hard, if I did I would have double degree instead of double major. I just attend the lecture and understand the concept. That is why I prefer American program since it is a continuous assessment method instead of one big exam at the end of the year. Some of the exam were open book notes exam, some can be take home exams. but those exams were the toughest because you need to understand the fundamentals instead of memorizing things

Fikri: isit? kam's mother? but, of course she got something from u :)
i've heard of that before, the most important is to understand instead of memorizing. but some of my seniors( u r also my senior laa.haha) told me that open book test is kinda so much like impossible to pass. they told me ,its much more difficult than the regular test. okay, u said u've worked with power engineering before this.can u share a little bit with me about the prospect of work. like the place of working, the challenges. etcetera.

my dad: Job prospect for power engineering:

1. if you continue up to PhD, then you can be lecturer and finally as professor in university

2. you can work in r&d organization which requires power electronics o hardware engineering skills.

3. if you just happy with bachelor degree then you can work in tenaga nasional, or Independent Power Producers as power engineer, either in design, installation, maintenance, transmission.

4. if you have programming skills then you can even work with companies which develop, install and maintain scada system

5. you can work as sales engineer, or technical support engineer for equipment suppliers

Engineering graduates in general are actually trained to be problem solvers therefore they can work in many other areas. The only thing is that you need to make sure that you have other skills and not just what is required for an engineer.

ignore the parts about me, haha. hey, how come i never bother to ask? this is a lot of info.

well. I'm going to post more info on engineering fields in times to come. those also wishing to share info, do leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share more info on engineering, biomedical engineering, especially.

I feel lke my brain has been left vacant for too long. I need to get it to start working again.this is a good start.


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