Monday, May 10, 2010


*gambar hiasan semata-mata.sorry, abang dayat, I borrow your pic*

not to say that I'm not thankful for being a girl, I like being one. it's just that. In terms of career, it's much easier to be a guy because:

1. you have to provide for the family.people expect you to work.whereas for women, even people nowadays still expect them to stay at home.
2. your plus points is in your extra physical strength. you can take all that physical stress.
3. engineering is so a 'guy thing' (yeah, I know I'm gender stereotyping)
4. you can get married and still not get tied down. you can still easily do your masters and phd, if you're a girl, once you have a husband and kids, it's bye-bye freedom.
5. when you're a girl, it's always career versus family. for a guy, they can have both at the same time. it's hard to balance it out because women need to spend time at home with the kids, the kids shouldn't be brought up by their maids.

aiiiihhhh...tak  nak kahwinlah aku....

but then again, you'll never know what will happen along the way..

fate is in God's will.

anyway, my Facebook status reads: Biomedical Engineering [18+12(2 years pre-U+4 years bachelor+2 years masters+4 years Phd)=30 tahun baru habis belajar]

that is, if everything is smooth-sailing with no bumps. I haven't thought about where exactly to work.

anyway, today I went for INTEC interview for placement as private student. It was so so easy. Just roughly 10 minutes of "introduce yourself." "did you aply jpa?" "what do you want to further your studies in?" "where would you work?" flipping through my sijil folder, and that's about it. It was a panel of three nice ladies, and I think they kept going on about me being petite but I was a golf club president.

ini pun dah wasted 1 semester (6 months) of not studying. time is ticking away. JPA bagilah scholarship tu....

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