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Trip to Kolantam

2 May to 5 May. My solo trip to Kelantan.

Started off with landing at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, PC. Azrizal, Syafirie, Rusydan, Syahiran, Amin, Omar, Jaji, Nizar and Yeen greeted me with birthday wishes. Really, I didn't expect a 'welcoming committee' from you guys!

So, Nizar sent abang to school, and I followed him up to his dorm. I nagged at him as I 'cleaned' his locker.

Then, Nizar, Amin and I headed for Alia's house. I remembered the lorong, but I didn't remember which house. After calling Alia for directions, only then did we find the house which was directly in front of the masjid, and Alia's mum went out to greet us. We went inside and chatted with her parents while waiting for her. Later on, after maghrib, it was off to KB Mall, the four of us. So, I walked around with Alia. Catching up on old times.

little did I know, they surprised me with a cake at McDonald's! Oh My God! That was all I could say, I mean, I havent had a birthday cake for years! and it was the sweetest thing for them to do!

the four of us at McDonald's KB Mall

nizar cute

my cake!

nizar and amin

alia and me with bubble tea
more pics in my Facebook, haha.

Oh, but I have problems uploading the video Alia shot with my camera. sorry.

Then, later that night, kept on chatting with Alia till the wee hours. On the next day, we didn't do much in the morning. Then, at around 2 pm. Nizar picked me up to go to PUTIK. Along with Omar, Au and Cipop.
As we reached PUTIK, it was so so crowded. Luckily, I eventually found Nad, so, I sat with her. I had to do Abang's Arabic book translation, so I did just that.

me and nad

It was so hot and crowded at PUTIK. I just can't seem to chat properly with any familiar faces, and they just quickly left. Afterwards, I went off with Nizar and the others for a drink at a roadside gerai. Watered down laksa pinang and air nyiur. I met Hajar Nabilah, only briefly.

That night, despite my attempts to ask people out, we only met up Aiman Naim at KB Mall. He bought me cake. Later that night, I watched the Malay movie, I'm Not Single on Alia's sister's laptop. We kind of kutuk-kutuk and laughed at it. Then we continued with Syurga Cinta, but I fell asleep. The next morning, I had to say good bye to Alia, and head for school for rehearsal.

posing with alia in her room:

muja at the koperasi. they've got ice cream now!

syahiran, muja and me

Rehersal was very boring and agitating. The show was not on the road until about 12, and finished about 2 pm plus plus. Nobody seemed to get us sorted and everybody was busy doing their own thing in haste. So, I kinda hated it. Yeah, I went in my jeans. So did Muja, and Faiqah was in pants too.

KFC KB Mall with Yeen, Yuni, Muja and Faiqah
After rehearsal, we headed for KB Mall in Payeh's car. There was me, Jaja, Muja and Faiqah with Payeh at the wheel. So, Muja, Faiqah and I met up with Yeen and Yuni and had chow at KFC, whereas Jaja went off with Payeh. I then had a 30-minute stroll with Aman.

Later on, we walked around, until Jaja decided to go back home. So, at around 5.30 pm, it was off to Tanah Merah. Payeh dropped us off at Tanah Merah bus station. That night, we went to the pasar malam and Jaja shopped for kain and food.

me and Jaja posing:

So, as we reached her house, we kind of chatted until the wee hours as well, although I was fully aware that we had to wake up early the next day. Boy, it was the good times.

The next morning was graduation. More pictures in my Facebook. I'm actually irritated whenever I rotate a picture, a temporary file appears. What's up with that? Does anybody know??

me, Jannah, Dilah, Nora, Echoh.

I sat beside Qis and Afiq Aziz. ks for those bluetoothed songs. haha

me, hajar and jaja

me and farah nur

me and zaleha.

with this time, I turned up late.I was huffing and puffing and sweat beads rolled down my face, completely destroying the infinitesimal layer of make-up I had on.haha. I feel so grown up in those robes!


fatin amalyn and hajar





The funny thing was. I arrived late at school. Then I realized that my kain actually has a split right down the middle, and I didn't bring any stockings, or pantyhose, or petticoats or leggings, so, I was frantically searching for pin to cover it up. Of course, I had a hard time walking and sitting. I was even late for lining up. They started looking for me. I had six missed calls. Boy, it was hectic. other people had time for pics. I bet they were slightly pissed at me. haha I lost my brooch as well.

Worse still, I had my period at that time, when we were all waiting for the acting sultan, and I didn't prepare for it, so I had to sit through it until everything was over. My, it was damn uncomfortable, and it sure beats the time I had a terrible stomach ache, but I couldn't find any toilet with water during my SPM English paper.

Tengku Faris looks really stressed out and bored. He kept looking at the ceiling, and he looked uneasy. That's what I saw, anyway. I was surprised he actually said tahniah. During my PMR graduation, he didn't say anything. I think I did a half-step bow.

my nenek's kebaya

hairul azman

Oh well, no wonder everything feels rushed!

Then, I had to go to the airport. Zulfikar drove with Pijo and Aman as well. Then, I met Nafis, Afiq and Mat Nor at the airport, and I was back in KL again.

sorry to those yang ada janji nak jumpa masa grad tapi tak jumpa. there are also many of you I didn't get to sit down and spend time with. I was very kalut. I had many things on my hands, even though I still didn't get much of it done. my testimonial it turned out belum emboss. four days still felt short eh?
So, I guess, that officially marks the end of my school days, haha. and everybody will go their own way after this. Best of luck to all.

Faris Petra Graduates 05(08)09


Abesa007 said…
thanks kam,

so u had a good time with ur frens at KB mall? I've never been there hahaha, in fact i havent been to KB for so many years...

hope to see u one day.

Nana said…
ada rezeki jumpalah tu

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