Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Aiman Naim posted on my wall: Allowances - Petronas gives Rm 500-550 a month but when you go overseas, it's lesser compared to Bank. JPA allowances are never enough, you need to standby cash....The BNM gives just sufficient for you to survive, very little for extra spending, it depends on which part of a country you go, let's say if you are studyin...g in a city like Taylors bound/ London scholars, Bank scholars get more allowances. But if you are KTJ student - RM 120 a month only (because you do not need to spend any money at all, everything is provided from laundry to food, no worries/temptations.

Laptop allowancesBank and petronas scholars get laptop allowances - RM 3500 for your whole course from pre-u to uni. JPA - nah..RM0

SportsBank and Petronas give RM 200 per year for buying sports equipmentJPA - nah..RM 0

Breaching BondsJPA- easiestBNM and Petronas - Haha! you wait la... very few people get to do so.(copy pasted dari zhi ming.credits to zhi ming!)nak share knowledge kam..hehe
then, my dad commented: Talking about scholarship whether it is enough or not. Ini uncle punya experience (1984 - 1990). Biasiswa JPA untuk Bachelor degree was USD450.00/month (1984-1988) dan untuk Master degree was USD520.00/month (1988-1990). One apartment kongsi 3-4 orang, sewa kongsi USD100-USD150.00 sorang. Makan kongsi beli barang dapur USD200.00 sebulan. lebihnya ... See MoreUSD150.00 sebulan untuk tambang, makan di universiti. jadi kalau nak hidup senang sikit maka kena kerja di dalam kampus (sebab F1 Visa tak boleh kerja luar kampus. Visa J1 boleh kerja luar kampus). Uncle kerja jadi student assistant (grader) 20 jam satu minggu dapat lah USD400.00 sebulan during my bachelor degree program. Jadi Master Tutor dapat lah USD600.00 sebulan during my Master program. boleh lah pegi tengok wayang, bawak girlfriend jalan2. boleh hantar duit balik ke Malaysia untuk mak bapak buat belanja dapur USD50.00 sebulan.

Bila dah balik kerja Malaysia 1990 dapat gaji RM1800.00 sebulan (with Master degree). zaman tu USD1.00 = RM2.50. Betapa siksanya nak hidup dgn RM1800.00 sebulan sebab zaman jadi student, duit masuk lagi banyak. makanan di USA murah kalau dibandingkan dgn di Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

u'd better take jpa...jpa is less conservative compared to pertronas and bank..
by the way, if u got 3.75 n above for ur overall cgpa, u'll will definitely get the chance to pursue masters to ur selected u..

from, ex farisian, jpa scholar currently studying in usa...=)gudluck..

Nana said...


for readers, this is what my dad comented on Aiman Naim's wall. Aiman had to choose between Petronas bound for China in Engineering, and JPA bound to Korea for engineering:

1. between biasiswa & pinjaman, ambik biasiswa sebab bila habis belajar tak ada hutang.
2. bonding 7 tahun tak jadi masalah. uncle kena bond 17 tahun tak pernah kerja dgn gomen pun. bila JPA tak dapat bagi kerja dia lepas bonding tu. bila habis belajar jangan tunggu JPA bagi kerja. apply je syarikat mana2. nak apply petronas pun boleh.
3. in terms of education system, both you need to learn their language to survive there.
4. technology-wise, korea is a better place for engineering degree.