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I know dah lepas, but..

saja. for academic purposes.

I remembered my task for Khazanah's second stage assessment. We had to promote health tourism in Malaysia. Today, I found in the KPJ Ampang Puteri booklet on Health Tourism.

10 Reasons To Make Malaysia A Preferred Medical Travel Destination:

Malaysia's favourable exchange rate and the cost of healthcare services is at an extensively lower cost than that of other countries.

Extensive investments have been made to ensure that all medical centres are equipped with modern facilities, and internationally accredited hospitals of Malaysia are capable of handling the latest techniques and procedures. These state-of-the-art facilities focus on what matters: more effective, efficient and pleasant solutions for patients.

Doctors in Malaysia are highly experienced. Having been involved in numerous groundbreaking procedures and revolutionary researches which have garnered several international recognitions, Malaysia boasts a high number of specialists with decades of experiences in their relevant fields.

With all medical centres equipped with modern facilities, medical centres in Malaysia are able to provide shorter waiting time. Patients may be hospitalised upo arrival, and examinations and work-up tests are usually addressed promptly. Organized and efficient patient registration systems eliminate or reduce patient queues to ensure treatment and medication are quickly dispensed so patients can choose to either return home or recuperate amidst some of Malaysia's lush rainforests and pristine beaches.

Since its independence, Maaysia has boasted one of Southeast Asia's most vibrant economies, the fruit of decades of industrial growth and political stability. Its multi-ethnic society encompasses Malays, Chinese and Indians who co-exist in harmony. Malaysians are peace-loving and friendly people. Visitors can be ensured of respect and greeted with sincere smiles throughout his or her stay.

The Malaysian government has made it easier for visitors seeking health treatments to enter the country. With the relevant letter from the medical centre at which you will be receiving your medical treatment, you may enjoy up to six months of visa extension.

Prices in Malaysia are reasonable, and affordable, be it accomodation food, or even shopping.

From comfortable and affordable hotels to five-star accommodations, Malaysia provides you wth a choice to budget or splurge. Rates start from as low as USD43 to USD143.20 per night depending on its star rating. Alternatively, if your family is accompanying you for treatment, there is also an option to rent a serviced apartment. Prices range around USD115 to USD172 per month depending on the size of the apartment. service apartments in Malaysia operate similar services to a hotel.

Public and private transportations are readily available throughout Malaysia. Monorails, taxis, trains and buses are available at regular interval, while cars can be easily rented for those who desire extra control over their travellin. Besides coachesand trains, low cost flights are also available to hundreds of locations outside of Kuala Lumpur. In essence, all the cities in Malaysia are very well connected.

The multi-cultural society that makes up Malaysia has contributed to the culinary legacy of Malaysian food. Tourists can look forward to affordable Malay, Chinese, Indian and Portiguese dishes that offer an exotic experience unique to the country.

Malaysia offers a variety of dining experiences that cater to specific needs. There are also many restaurants that serve choices of international cuisines such as Italian, Middle Eastern and American.

GEographically, with Malaysia surrounded by the South China Sea, visitors here will find a weather pattern that is best described as tropical. During most times, Malaysia's climate boasts year-round temperatures of around 30 degrees celcius. You will find much cooler temperatures in the more mountainous regions. The ebautiful weather, incredible mountains and seaside views all combine to make Malaysia a favorite health tourism destination.

-adapted from, Ministry of Health Malaysia 2009-

yeah, it sounds brown-nosy and all that, it's suppose to promote health tourism in Malaysia. I haven't any statistics as evidence for the justifications.

among services offered in Malaysia that was highlighted in the article:

  1. heart bypass
  2. heart valve replacement with bypass
  3. hip replacement
  4. knee replacement
  5. facelift
  6. gastric bypass
  7. prostate surgery (TURP)
our points came quite close.

okaylah, benda dah lepas. but it gives me a reason to blog about something academic. for your BM essay, if asked to write about health tourism in Malaysia, there ya go, complete ten points.


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