Saturday, December 29, 2007

To The End

Yet another MCR song for a blog entry title, hahahah
well, in about 3 more days, I'll be packing up to go back to school and face FORM FOUR. yipes!
A new year, a new challenge...I'm so anxious...
befor we move on to 2008, we'll do a quick recap of the year 2007 in NANa's World:
1) Form Three
PMR for me
O.W.L.s for Harry
2) first agenda of the year is Golf MSSK for the second time, did better, but always played for last
Still felt like yesterday to me and times just pass so fast
3) public speaking again for the second time, still didn't win
4) Faisal dropped out of debate and I was in
5) Triangle of Three for me, Syakir and Akim
Boy, was the rivalry grim
6) Damn, BM cost me tears
7) My BI was so severe
I lost to Akim, dear
8) I lost my Librarian status
9) Golf and I went on a temporary hiatus
10) now that I'm back, my skills were worse
11) and I was so exhausted when my drama team starts to rehearse
12) all in all, the memories are sweet
the drama team's triumph drove others to admit defeat
13) fateful horrendous nights
tragedies strike
one of the boys
14) and another of the girls
caused me mental distraction
and utter annoyance
15) won my essay competition
16) tried out for science invention
with a fever-cooling candy concoction
17) suffered infatuation
18) cured now after meditation, oh and who can forget the Post Brooke children's memorable excursion?
19) At last, to my glee
the result slip said 8A's for me
20) now starting to pack to go back to SMSTMFP


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