Friday, December 28, 2007

Straight Up

Result's finally out!!!
so relieved!
It's like the end of PMR and helloooo SPM!!!!
Faris got 82% of students with straight A's. Good job guys! Lucky that I'm one of them too... Alhamdulillah....So thankful after all the blood and tears shed for PMR.
That was actually the first time I actually 'worked' for something. Yay me, I 'berusaha' at least, that's good enough..compared to UPSR at that time, I didn't give much of a damn to it as I did for PMR.
I've been doing a synopsis for Antologi Anak Laut. I happen to read the cerpen 'Lambaian Malar Hijau' and it kinda reminded me to the Post Brooke kids that we babysat. I secretly wished they had the spirit that the character Daneng had to excel in his academics and obtain a better life for himself and his indigenous community. actually, it sholud apply to all schoolchildren. If they had that conscience, they would take that same initiative to do better and try harder to obtain more from their learning and benefit from it, instead of just 'passing' exams. learning is for life. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just smart on the paper..hmm..

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pluxzy said...

congrate 4 ur pmr result