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Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
with open arms and open eyes, yeah
I'll be there


I finally finished the final instalment of Harry Potter! this is my review, but I must warn you that it does contain spoilers.
Overall, a better plot build-up compared to the fifth book (that was, in my opinion, the most 'kureng' of the seven-I dare not say more than that, as a proper adjective would be too treacherous to Potter readers alike, such as myself). The body count is high, but the deceased all died for Harry. (Hedwig didn't desearve to die!!)
After my conversion to pro-Snape, I guess that it was unfair for him to sacrifice hmself on Potter's behalf after all that his dad and he, himself has done to him.
Sadly, unlike the sixth book which showcases Voldemort's (I dare!) ingenuity and his rise as a powerful and very much demented Dark Lord , the seventh book depicts Voldemort as a typical villain who is ignorant and careless.
Ron, although a 'traitor' at first, amended his mistake and emerged couragous in times of combat. No comments on Hermione, though, but she did a lot of screaming and whimpering and sobbing. the smartest witch reduced to tears. She didn't quite put up a fight as the other witches would. Oh yeah, it also includes a cat fight between Bellatrix Lestrange and Mrs. Weasly.
To me, the final instalment is just trying to prove that Dumbledore's not the old nut that I thought he was and that he knew what he was doing all along and had outwitted Voldemort with premeditated strategies. oh well, the old man got his last laugh at last. It's kind of interesting though, that almost all brilliant wizards sought for trimph over death. A repeated theme throughout the whole series.
Horcruxes, Hallows, Death Eaters, Mosmorde (take a bite out of death)...all ring a bell to you?
The ending is a happy one, I guess J.K. could have had a change of plans since many of the Potter fans have guessed that the oh-so-noble Harry should die in the end for the greater good. One thing, though, it was disappointing that Harry had the upper hand in defeating Voldemort simply because of sheer luck that he figured out Dumbledore's plan in the nick of time and of his noble wizarding lineage, not out of skill or combat tactics. As people say, blame it on the genes.. if poor Voldemart wanted to defeat him, he'd have to find himself a different ancestor other than the dysfunctional Gaunts.
Overall, it's a lot more fast-paced compared to the fifth book, but it till does not match up to the fourth book that i so much liked. On the good side, it's not to say that it is a bad read through and through. A modest ending to the biggest wizarding saga I should say.


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