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HAHAHA.. I've been updating my blog in English as it is an international language, but there are times which calls for me to write in BM. My BM is pretty bad like my Maths and I'm giving all my effort to improve it. So, maybe in the future you might come across some 'sajak' which I will write. If I could, I'd write in several other languages. Tapi, malangnya, kalau bahasa Arab pun teruk, bagaimana pula dengan bahasa Jepun? And what of the time? Now that I am in SMS TENGKU MUHD FARIS PETRA [yep, I got SBP, but fourth intake. Malunyer!], I doubt I have time to sit down and learn it properly. And stuff to memorise, homework to do. No matter, I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog so far. I try and make it as amusing as possible.


Suatu hari tibanya
Seorang putera
Mengembara nusantara
Dalam usaha mengubat jiwa

Kembaranya tiada henti
Dalam lamunan sepi
Hatinya berdesis
'Kemana kanku pergi?'

Anak muda zaman kini
Berani mengharungi
Samudera berbara
Tetapi alpa akan tujuannya

Pinta teruna itu
Adalah untuk mencari ilmu
Bukannya untuk menghisap dadah
Bukannya untuk mencari padah

Pendekar hidup itulah kita
Semangat berbara
Bagaikan unggun api yang merah menyala
Walaupun kita hanyalah insan biasa....

Till next time! Hasta luego, mi amigos!


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