Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Am Reminded Once Again Of How Much I Hate Stalkers

I watched Obsessed on HBO. My God, it was creepy. Actually, it was predictable, Beyonce' will save the day in the end, and of course, the climax boils down to the typical horror movie/thriller tips and tricks, and I caught myself laughing my head off, because seeing a cat fight in 3-inch heels is damn hillarious. Not to say that the movie is bad, no, it's actually watchable, well, due to the fact that, everybody is somewhat afraid of stalkers, and yeah, Ali Larter makes such a creepy, but HOT stalker. Imagine if you replace Ali Larter with a weirdo guy who's socially challenged and dresses funny, and the one being stalked is you, Ohh God...if that hapens, I'll be having a nightmare! But that's the kind of thought that plays in your head when you watch this movie. It's not so much that it's so original that makes an impact on you, but rather, it's the questions behind that movie that actually makes you feel discomfort. Another issue to ponder about here is infidelity and marriage. See how easily a marriage falls apart. If I were Ali Larter in that movie, I should be congratulating myself after the sucide incident, it worked beautifully because that perfect marriage was fast falling apart. The BIG mistake she made was messing with the kid when the guy is winning back the wife. You know why the first part actually worked? well, it's because it tests the trust the spouses have for each other, and they trun against each other, but when the stalker pulls a trick like that at a time like that, yep, that got Beyonce' mad, and now, she's a gainst the stalker. You know, I am obviously biased towards the female kind. Some of the men were actually portrayed so easily swayed and lamb-like that you can't help but say, "grrr! you nitwit! it's so damn obvious she's getting something out of you, and you didn't see it?" And at the end of the day, who saves the day? Miss B. Yeah, at the beginning of the movie, she's always the one staying at home, missing out on the action, but for the last 15 minutes or so, the husband's out of the action. haha. funny.
nah, don't get me wrong. Okay, I was a feminist, I guess now I'm more liberal on the gender thing, but I still believe in femalae empowerment. self-empowerment. Sometimes, it's not about fighting for equal rights, but somehow, I think women should discover more of their self-worth rather than let men take advantage of them and exploit them. That should be the true feminist spirit. In certain countries, yeah, I think women are still being sidelined and not treated with respect, but for other countries that actually acknowledge women and give them equal rights, there's nothing more to press on about. At least women now are given wider education and work opportunites, even in some countries, leadership positions. The only thing left here to work on is their sense of SELF-WORTH. Female empowerment is not just about some legislation that acknowledges women, but it's about being conscious about your own value as an individual. Probably by then, more women would love themselves more and think twice about "giving it all" to the men. You get my drift. Wait. I'm suppose to be writing a review, now I've strayed all the way to feminism? hahaha.

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