Friday, June 11, 2010

get busy

Imma check this out:

1. University of Toronto (engineering #1 canada , #5 NAmerica #8 world) – BASc in Computer/ Electrical Engineering (minor Bioengineering)

2. University of British Columbia (#17 world ) no biomedical

3. McGill University (#20 world) - No bachelors for biomedical but offers Masters in biomedical engineering

4. University of Waterloo (#27 world) – BASc in Electrical/Computer with Biomechanics option

5. University of Alberta (#46 world) - BASc in Electrical Eng. with biomedical engineering option... See More

6. University of Calgary (#87 world) – BASc in Biomedical Engineering Specialization

7. McMaster University (#89 world) – BASc in Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

8. Simon Fraser University – BASc in Biomedical Engineering (honors)

nanti nak cari jugak sal Taylor's and ICPU. and also Canada. There must be more than just maple syrup and Avril Lavigne. (of course lah!)
time to get busy.


Filzah.R said...

hahaha Avril Lavigne X)
oh well bestnya Canada is prehtayy! :) nanti belajar ckp french :D

oh btw, you nanti Taylor's Subang Jaya, or Taylor's Lakeside campus? :)
my sister kat Lakeside Campus :D

Nana said...

kat subang la dear

Anonymous said...

nanti singgah shah alam ek?