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How Much I Watch FIFA This Year

I am generally not a football fan. I don't have that attention span to watch how the ball gets passed around back and forth between two ends of the field, and I just don't get the hype to shout "GOAL!". I've watched FIFA finals in 2004, and that's about that. I don't watch EPL, or any other football matches. Well, I value sleep more than having to stay up at 2 am to watch football. Then in 2009, I watched the Kelantan-Negeri Sembilan match, and I decided, that's it, I'm not watching anymore local football. It was so agitating watching them play like amateurs compared to the real action in FIFA.

So far, this year, I watched:

Germany vs. Serbia
Portugal vs. Korea DPR
Brazil vs. Portugal
Germany vs. England
Paraguay vs. Japan
Spain vs. Portugal

Not that many matches, I know. During prelims, I only watch the 7 o'clock slots.Yeah, I hate to stay up, and I'm more likely to be in front of the computer. I actually stayed up until 2 for Spain and Portugal last night. hoyeah.

Brazil's really nice to watch. However, I really like Germany's precision. The way the ball goes through the opponents' legs (this sounds a bit weird, but I'm not implying anything dirty), the passing, the shooting, the strategy. So next one is Germany vs. Argentina. Go Germany!

Oh, and thanks to Filzah, baru nak kenal-kenal berjinak-jinak dengan Spanish players yang handsome: Cesc Fabregas, David Villa. (That's what we girls are most focused on anyways).

I know Filzah doesn't like Cristiano Ronaldo, but he's boleh tahanlah. Due to the fact that I debated on a motion about him once in UIA, so there's this weird kind of 'affection' for him. The eyebrows are interesting. haha. Just kidding.

Oh, in my school days, I enjoyed playing football during P.E. although I don't play that often. Even in my highschool days, if given the chance to play Futsal, I'd play any day. I don't like to play basketball or handballor netball or hockey or volley ball or badminton, I just don't know why. I just don't like it. The few games that I enjoy playing or could actually play is golf, baseball and futsal. Yeah, I'm not a pro on the actual rules and regulations, since we just play among girls for fun, we just end up shouting and screaming while chasing the ball. Yeah, being girls, missed passing and all that stuff is normal. Only me (with luck that I share my birthday with David Beckham, ceh, berkait ke?) and a few girls actually were into it. Me and those few girls, I remebered Massurie and Faezah would go for high balls and yeah, We'd rough it out with each other, but it was fun. ahhh..good ole' innocent school days.

okayyy..that's about it on my FIFA fever. Not that bad-lah. At least I'm feelin' it this year.


Filzah.R said…
C.Ronaldo isn't bad, I mean he looks prehtty hot la, okay okay la, I dont like him as person, LOL hahahha xD
abesa said…
final: Brazil vs Argentina

Brazil gonna win this year's edition coz they have Fabiano and kaka. ouh i dont have to remind you how they perfectly match each other, just like their old times in Sao Paolo.

Kaka dribbles and Fabiano shoots. damn beautiful!

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