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My Blog Looks So GAYY Now

I love blogger's new toy: the template designer thannggg.. love the jelly beans!

I changed my blog name to Gambar Gajah (ARAHAN: sila teliti gambar rajah gajah di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikutnya) , just a random thought, and it's a funny name, but don't expect me to post pictures of elephants .

okay, just to commemorate the change of name,'s one snagged from the internet..



Gambar Rajah Gajah 1.1

  1.  Berapa kali blog ini sudah bertukar nama?
_________________________________ (5 m)

2. Berapakah umur blog ini?

__________________________________(5 m)

Jumlah: __ / 10 m

hahahaha, lawak..lawak..macam tak ada kerja je aku ni

Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Kuasa

Keputusan Rayuan JPA PILN: Engineering, Canada

International Canadian Pre-University (ICPU) 1 Tahun at Taylor's College, Subang Jaya


Ariff Hafizi said…

tiga kali tukar nama
-nanas's world
-la tahzan
& now gambar gajah. ^_^

usia; 7 tahun.

congrats kam, u really deserve it. do your best in your prep. keep in touch. XD
Nana said…

Thank you :)
fikah mus said…
glad for u.
congrats dear!!
fikriehisham said…
gudluck kam. nnti pegi canada bawak balik epal byk2 ea :D
Filzah.R said…
Nana said…
kak fikah: thanks!!!

filzaahh: right back atcha! ;)

fikri: canada banyak epal ek?
fikriehisham said…
haha. canada kan mcm ladang epal.rasenye lah. byk gile jenis2 epal :P

bukan lam cite komsas ade kan.bkan canada ke tmpat tu? lol. ke silap ni?haha
Nana said…
oo..yang Buchanan tuh?
Anonymous said…
tu kat Canada ke? ingat kan kar parit buntar, Lol


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