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When all there is between you and me
are miles and miles of separation and distance,
time and anticipation

the only thing that keeps us holding on,
are merely words of love
and unconditional TRUST.

My absence
does not necessarily equate to a deficit
in my affection,
rather, I think of you often
to keep the fire burning at night
so that I don't succumb to the merciless cold.

no matter what the risks are,
I'd gamble all my luck
if winning is worth everything.

no matter how far
or how long time keeps you away from me,
separated by two glass walls,
or blinded in a pitch black room,
I'd still find you.

no matter how fate can turn you inside out,
or upside down

will keep things together,
drawn like gravity,
and leads the rivers back to the ocean.

will give strength to dreams;
the extra step to conquer the mountain;
the reason to keep believing and pushing on.

Trust me,
Don't give up on hope
Don't give up on dreams
Don't give up on faith
Don't give up on LOVE.

note: inspired by Cheryl Cole's Fight For This Love. (quote: If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for). this is not the rhyming verse  format of poems, it's more like a Malay sajak structure. Very simple choice of words, almost conversational, not that metaphoric, although there are a few here. I have not written poems for so many years. I think I suck at it now. I wonder when was the last time I posted a poem. I wrote this poem for my friends, family and for those in a long-distance relationship. Yeah, challenging, aite? Okay, I know this is hard for me to admit, I don't read lovey dovey novels nor watch lovey dovey dramas nor swoon at lovey dovey movies, and I may not be a true blue romantic, but I am jiwang when it comes to songs and poetry. ohhh....God! spare me, this is so damn jiwaaaaaannnnnngg........


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