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I grew up in KL, but I don't know the friggin' way around it. Put me in the middle of KL, or tell me to find my way to certain places, and I'll get lost for sure.

I've never taken the bus in KL, so I think I know Kelantan bus routes better.

I'm so paranoid of crowds, getting lost, getting kidnapped in a public transport.

I've only been to Midvalley once. It's so big I get lost, I don't have proper bearings there. Well, it takes time even for me to get my bearings right. The parking lots are creepy.

Thank God some interviews were conducted at KL Sentral area, if not, I wouldn't even know what's there or how to take an LRT myself. It's quite simple actually.

I've never been to The Curve, Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid. No reason to go there either. They're all the same to me. I've been to Times Square whatnot, and they're just lepak places. Maybe it's because I haven't been there yet that I say so, once I've actually been there...tapi kan, the first time I went to Midvalley with my friends pun, I still don't get the hype about it.

Sue me I tak banyak berjalan in KL, but for what? If I actually get around to berjalan a lot, I bet I'd squander my money away. Even at Carrefour, I've spent on RM 30 below clothes and shoes almost everytime I go there. urhhhh..bad spending habits. Now I have to cure this obsession for colorful clothes. Having jellybeans as my blog background isn't helping, but I'd rather not change it.

Living five years in Kelantan, although I am NOT a Kelantanese, I was not born there, yes, I don't eat budu unless it's in nasi kerabu, I feel more at home in Kelantan. Probably because they have simpler routes, and I know my way around KB, and everything is so laidback there. tak ada apa sangat except the simple pleasures in life, good food, ceh. (KL has lots of food, spoiled for choice, but the pricing la pulak, and you have to know which are the good places, otherwise macam tak happy je with your choice and banyak pulak duit habis.of course, one thing about Kelantan is not many choices of books. Kinokuniya has everything!) No hang out places except the one and only KB Mall. and the Kelantanese dialect is sooo interesting, and if you speak it among the Kelantanese, you kind of 'clicked' with them. Entah, maybe I'm just missing my school peeps.

Sometimes, when I introduce myself to people, I mention my school name and they ask where it is and I'd said Kelantan, it seems a lot easier for me to pretend to be a Kelantanese than to have explain to them that I actually live in KL. har har. Once during The Star Public Speaking competition, I was one of only two Malay girls who showed up and I was the only one there showing up in traditional clothing (kebaya), and I introduced myself to other people that I was a Kelantanese. And they (especially the Chinese) said, " Wow, I've never been there. What's it like? You people actually speak good English." bakpo? ingat oghe klate tok biso kecek oghe putih ko? (bekwoh=  big word, drebar= driver, prebet= private, kona= corner..just to name a few Kelantanese vocab) hahhahaha

and thanks to Fikri, baru tahu 'kacang mior' tu ladies fingers.

kalau Canada macam Kelantan kan best (this is a funny statement). I would like to try lobster *drools*

nota kaki:  "darat orang KL ni."


kt KMK lgi interesting kott...
almost 60% nk ke mana2 tu mesti akan dgr dialect qlate..
nk d jadikn crite ramai pulok 'org siam' huk lahir sano..
pakak nk kecek qlate blako ore luar...phtu mulo la bunyi sie2 tu
fikah mus said…
i am sooo the opposite of u.
i kenal jalan2 kl lagi dari klate tahu??
suka kl sebab banyak public tranporttn, senang nak ke mana2.
but, kecek klate is the best, of course.
kalo dengar je orang cakap gege riuh tu, meme tahu la ore klate tu.
Nana said…
kak fikah: maybe because you're previously in CFS IIUM Petaling jaya, there are various transport semua tu, and banyak tempat nak jalan.

ye kot. i tak berapa nak jalan-jalana and explore kl, sebab tu jadi macam ni.

it's very funny actually i know KB better. hahaha

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