Monday, March 13, 2006

My Life As A Fish In A Tank


My expression is of no particular mood
As I live my life talking to walls in solitude
I can see that Iam deprived of any connection
To the world beyond these walls..spinning in utter confusion

Screams and wails
Aaah! loud and deafening
I may not feel the breeze nor the gail
But I do surely fear the glass walls shattering
From this bombastic pandemonium
Constantly occuring outside my aquarium
Humans, rushing here and there
Shouting and yelling everywhere..

Such chaos outside these walls
Yet these waters remained undisturbed
As calm as ever

Here I am as always..
Blankly staring into space
Spending the rest of my life as a fish in a fish tank...

-Anne Kay(NK..that's me)-
A good inspiration only comes once in a while and this is one of it. Har, har..Guess when I thought of it?..

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