Monday, March 13, 2006


It's just another day in my life. I'm back home in KL and enjoying my NOT true!!.. It's so darn tiring. Endless homework, neverending worries..currently I'm hung-up on Golf practice as I have an upcoming tournament..and I'm still waiting for the third and last installment of the Bartimaeus Trilogy..sigh..when are my parents gonna buy it?..even if I did get it, will I be able to read it in peace? Crummy..In the meantime, I'm gonna do my homework and start studying ( yipes! I have a big exam coming too! Right away after my return to Faris). In between, a quick skim through Detective Conan won't hurt..and..Artemis Fowl..and also milk and cookies...naahh..I'm never gonna get things done ;-)

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