Saturday, December 23, 2006

Soap(y) Opera

This is a story of a girl
who cried a river
and drowned the whole world

Why is it that I'm always 'borrowing' excerpts from the lyrics of my favourite songs nowadays?
It's just so weird that I'm so caught up with MTV to the extent that my whole life is suddenly becoming a huge musical now. Almost every song I ever heard on radio is becoming my theme song. Worst of all, I sing it every chance I got. As if my wonderful vocals could make the cut for Malaysian Idol, or something. Maybe if I tried my luck at AF, I'd probably get it. The only reason I won't be able to advance is because of the beauty factor. Come on, don't expect me to look like Erra Fazira now, won't you?
Seriously, I think the contents of AF is just a whole bunch of popularity selling gimmicks. The artistes which actually came from from AF are not that vocally talented. Yet, I can't exactly fathom what the craze was all about.
Yeah, I know AF ended centuries ago and this is kind of old cheese now, but i can't help thinking about this strange trend amongst teenagers nowadays. Why is it that they are so attached to the oggle box only because of this hardly mind-stimulating show? It gives me a bizzare annoyance to critisize about. After all, this is the main feature of my blog- my rantings!

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