Saturday, December 23, 2006

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams- I'm so bummed out!

Summer has come and past (not exactly, it's summer all year round in Malaysia!),
the holidays were gone so fast,
wake me up when December ends...

One more week until New Year!

Some people are just so psyched up about the New Year. Yeah, coz you got all the new year resolutions and stuff, and the New Year party..well, some people do celebrate, but I probably won't.
Basically, 2007 is just another chapter in my life. 2006 is slowly coming to an end. Another year, another memory. Subconsciously, I think I'm falling in another one of my nostalgic moods. Reminiscing the good old days- what good old days?! Seriously, I'm not that old?
Next year I'll be fifteen. (Soo old!)

If I were to summarize 2006 in a single word, it'd be totally challenging. (actually, that's two words) Honestly, you'd consider putting up with the silly whims of certain people a kind of challenge, you know. I've had my share of experience with weirdos who think I'm a weirdo. Isn't that weird? Weirdos calling you weirdo? So, who's the weirdo here? My ego compels me to say that I am a completely sane individual, but of course, we can't really be sure who's right or wrong, it simply depends on your view of life. (I'm still insisting that I'm right, though!) well, any how, Next year is going to be DIFFERENT- like, d-uh!

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