Monday, February 19, 2007

Me and my H.P.(ehemm!)

Me and my Harry Potter books.. what am I to comment? I used to like reading Harry Potter some time ago. (Then again, do I even read these days?) I love Hermione. She's my favourite Miss-Know-It-All, next to Mr. Prodigy Artemis. However, I find the sixth instalment quite a drag to read. Normally, I would dig in to HP books as soon as they arrive on the shelves. It began with the Order Of The Phoenix. Too much blab and Sirious dies, that sucks...but Dumbledore dead, that's a bit of a relief. What's the big deal taking a big risk like that? That old wizard appears to be too cocky and confident for his own good. I like the part where Snape killed him. That'll teach him a lesson to not put too much trust on a malicious character. (take it from Harry, Snape was never his favourite.) Sadly for the Half-Blood Prince, I read it two years after it was published. I borrowed it from a friend, although 've already got a copy at home. I bought it when it was first published, but I never had the interest to read it as I was caught up with the 'cheesiness' factor of the Prophecy in the Order Of The Phoenix. However, the good thing about the Half-blood Prince was Voldmort's life story. A murderous mind is always a pleasure to plunge into. The horcrux bit is very creepy . On the plus side, the enigmatic quality of the plot build-up is simply superb. J.K. Rowling never fails to mystify her readers. Elements of humour also arouses in Slughorn's class and also in Ron and Hermione's love-hate relationship, which turned out to be a real 'relationship', after all. (much to the pleasure of soppy romance readers..) Not as good as the other Harry books, but not a bad read...why did Harry like Ginny??????
Me and my Handphone...wargh!!! Once I start using my handphone, the monthly bill rockets sky-high! God, help me! I'm insanely spend-thirft despite my current financial condition..What will become of me????
Me and my Homework get the drift, right? It's the holiday season for all homesick SBP students- does that include me?? Seeya! ;p

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