Thursday, February 08, 2007

Life Is But A Brief Candle

Tomorrow..tomorrow..and tomorrow.. creeps in this petty pace from day to day...
reminiscing the good old days bring so much memories. Some pleasant yet some just bring me to tears. *sob,sob*
Life is only for a short while, as Macbeth says.
I totally agree to that. It feels like a dream. Almost ethereal. A strange reality. Something mysterious and full of secret meanings.
It's been along time since I've updated my blog. I haven't written any poems lately, I'm kinda busy with school. This sucks because all the teachers seem to put a lot of pressure on my batch. By the looks of the current situation, my batch will have to prove themselves worthy of being the better batch than the previous ones.
Still on the minus side, I'm stuck in a world of terrible English. I do not know exactly how to improve.
gee, I can't wait for the holidays. I've already started counting the days! I miss my computer!!
(Just so you know, I'm at a cyber cafe in KB right now.)

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