Thursday, June 27, 2013

MU - Monsters U, not Man United or McMaster U, hahaha

Spoiler alert, beware.

It was enjoyable. I really enjoyed the short at the beginning of the movie. Animation was almost realistic, in fact, a lot more than it was all these years.

The movie itself was tonnes of enjoyment, although it is not particularly perfect, there was always that cliche'd uni-life story-telling, the usual felt betrayal, trying to win you back, bla bla bla, but I felt that despite having the tried and tested formula, execution was well done. I felt that it did well in the execution of character development, most notably, Sully and Mike. Randall had a more of a cameo appearance. The no-nonsense female dean of the School of Scream rocked the eyeliner. Animation wise, it was a lot more colorful than the Monsters Inc movie. Some elements of college life although cliche'd but now it seems a lil' more relatable at this age, in addition to studying in a North American (Canada! Canada! NOT North AMERICAN) university. I sometimes feel that these Pixar people are keeping track of their faithful audience of Toy Story and "grew" with them. In Toy Story 3, Andy was just packing away to go to college, and in Monsters U is the college life itself.

There were lots of little kids in the cinema. hahaha. The trailers for upcoming movies, I SWEAR there were two similar ones. One was a racing snail called Turbo, and the other, Planes, about racing planes. What the heck. Out of ideas ? That's all kids are into nowadays ? And another one called Frozen. Seriously, I thought it was a short, with all that slapstick comedy. I thought to myself, wow, I used to laugh at all these slapstick jokes as a kid, and now I'm turning my nose from it. hahahah.

Before that, I went to Best Buy, an electronics store, and I think most cameras now are at least 16 megapixels and they are now equipped with wifi feature to enable you to upload pictures straight to the net. Oh boy. With the camera I have with 8 megapixels, no panorama feature, no wifi, no touch screen, it seems relatively primitive to those bad boys. Windows 8 everywhere with tablets and ultrabooks and laptops at the minimum costing 300, 400 CAD (some cheaper than tablets) to close to 2000 (I'm looking at you, Apple). Man, I'm so behind on technology, yet I'm an engineer to be. haih.

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