Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving Clouds

Moving clouds on a sunny day
Set against a sky so blue
Each one going its own way
No idea where it's headed to

Contemplating on the ethereal image
I think of all the ties I couldn't salvage
All the complements left unsaid
As I let the line go dead

Dancing daisies in a field of green
Kind of your run of the mill meadow scene
Each one swaying so gaily
So naive and carefree completely

Remembering the innocent faces
Seeing them morph into hazard warnings
I yet have been to many places
but the grasp of the painful reality is dawning

Colors fade, and petals eventually fall
All good things surely come to an end
I thought I have seen it all
well, trouble indeed is a friend

As I lay among the tall grass
I am overcome by the beckoning silence
I thought I could have it all
but I was wrong, at second glance.

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