Sunday, September 26, 2010

what I'm busy with right now

1. Computer Science Game

my group's doing some sorta girly fairy-shooting-goblins first-person-shooter game. I'm supposed to write the codes, and someone else do the graphics. so far, the states are done, but without the graphics.

2. English ISU research.

it's a REALLY heavy topic

Evolutionary View on Social Structure in The Time Machine.

I have TONNES of pages to read up on Marxism, Social Structure, Evolutionary Theories and H.G. Wells himself.

3. Chemistry

urhhh..Acid-Base calculations, I need practice on this. I should seriously make time for this. T_T

4. Advanced Functions Trig

5. Musical Theatre

ohh...October please come fast. but I never get the pitching right for Colors of The Wind.

I'm totally stressed out now.

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