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New Year, New Resolutions

Well, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've been really busy with school affairs to bother. [hehe.. actually I just lepak-lepak and then I realized that dah nak habis cuti sekolah so I have to updatelah jugak camne pun sebab nanti tokleh doh..huhu] So far no comment 'bout my school holidays. As usual, killing time with napping and playing[typical makan- tidor routinelah!]
I don't know 'bout other people though. When I get back to school I'm gonna spread my wings once more and embrace a shedload more of homework. [fuuh...] Takpe I'm aiming higher this year, a little hardwork goes a long way..[p/s:thank God! woohoo! I'm number 1 in my form this year! not bad for a fourth-intake student, huh? Well, that's enough bragging for one entry!]

December 26 year after the tsunami tragedy..I offer my sincerest condolences to the victims of the terrible wave..


Savage waters grasped my knees
Hindering my mobility
Soon was I found swept away by such monstrosity
A force so powerful that I could see
Upon its presence mortals flee

There I was, like a fragile leaf tossed by a gail
I struggled to break free, but to no avail
I cried for help
Alas I choked out no more than a yelp
I was no swimmer, oh if only I were a whale

No one came to my rescue,
Much to my sorrow
Now I wonder.. if I could still live through tomorrow

Well, actually I have no idea how to end this poem properly. An inspiration comes along once in a while you know and I hardly have any access to the net at school. So this is how my latest poem ends-very tragic!. [:*<] As long as there is still hope to live, don't give up. For those who suffered a great loss, good luck in rebuilding your lives.

Dahlah! I don't know what else to blog, I'll end it here lah dulu. Nanti bila ada apa-apa lagi, type lagi. Apa susah? Till then, auvoir!


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