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I was just reminiscing on the times I was an emcee. Well, I had lots of experience emceeing, until I got tired of it. The prefects had to be emcees for the roll call and for special events, I couldn't remember when I was first emceeing. There was also one year, when it always had to be me who was to read out the Word Of The Day, and make announcements of essay competitions. I'm sure people were bored of me.

the first time I went on the roll call stage was for the Brainstorming Slot (now the Public Speaking Slot) in Form two. can't remember what I spoke about. I had Brainstorming Slot twice this year, once for the debaters 'special'' on Sunday, and another for the spontaneous speech at the roll call. My Sunday brainstorming slot caused a bit of a controversy, because the principal, KJ heard me wrong. I was being my honest self, going on about I can't wait to leave the school, but even so I had many precious memories to leave behind. So, I was kind of praising the school (God dammit, brown nose and k*ss-a** much!). well, he took it negatively and claimed that I was provoking a student rebellion, my! But still, those were his exact words. so, for the last time I gave my speech in public, I told them that I was sick and tired of speaking in public in front of the same unappreciative audience. Mind you, the Faris students have the worst manners as audience. Roll call was always dreadful! I hate it so much!

well, anyway, the first time I was emcee for a big event was the Choral Speaking Open. I was paired with Izzat. Then, in Form Five, I was emcee again for HKSBP Drama Zon Timur with Syakir, and another for the launching of Bulan Bahasa with Nafis, and another one for Hari Guru, I was paired with Hanani. A few other times were for the prefects discussion with STAR, little events la, and...hurm.. I can't remember. haha

I have yet to post about cleaning my closet, I've got tons of pictures, yeah lots of interesting junk and objects of sentimental value that I have found, and I know that I wanted to write about debate earlier this year, but I haven't done so. Lambdarian Crew part two and three are still in the pipeline. there's also tons of other things in my to-do list. hahaha


abesa said…

very nice of you, I couldnt even remember how my school was like then, not even to set a story how was my junior life. hahaha
inani said…
totally agree kam..
get bored n sick of emceeing..

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