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Closing Curtains on 2009, off to 2010.

Okay, I didn't make a recap before 2009 ended, there are still lots more posts I didn't get to do before 2010. Heck, I'm going to do a quickie recap here:

Jan: almost uneventful. Such bliss because I could finish all my homework on time, and usually, the first month of the year, everything has always been done with so much enthusiasm. Cikgu Abdullah left for SMK Kubang Telaga.

Feb: definitely busy with golf. This is my favourite complain post.

March: Penggal exams. KOT! Fought with KJ over whether or not the students are given a choice to take EST for SPM. more updates in March here. Cikgu Razuki left for SMK Dabong.

April: UIA Debate! Wrote a few essays. HKSBP Drama Zon Timur. First glimpse of Mr. Hamdany, new PK HEM. I can't remember when Cikgu Mad was PK KO.

May: Hari Guru Celebrations. Mid-Year Exams and HKSBP Debate. have not posted on HKSBP yet. Started my driving license journey.

June: Corporate Day was gone. yeeehhhoooo. Perdana essay prize-giving ceremony. more details on updates here. Cikgu Mad became BM GC.

July: Nothing much that I remembered just a bunch of tutorials. Perfect Score Zon Timur. More updates here. Dabong Project.

August: H1N1 quarantine and SBP Trials. Nearly got stranded at the airport. Read about it here.

September: Ramadan. I can't remember when the Chemistry Quiz was. I got a Distinction. New PK KO: Sensei, and new PK HEM: Ustaz Tar

October: Raya and all those Jamuans: ELS, golf, prefects, redax, rahman. Party at Teacher Norma's house. Getting busy and stressed out for SPM.

November: JC and SPM starts. SPM life at school here. The best time at Faris in all five years! Monsoon season left me feeling all whoozy.

December: My school life ends on the 8th and my down memory lane series starts. Busy with driving classes, cleaning my closet, latest family gathering  at Tropicana, going out again and again to buy stuff, Sime Darby interview, other than that, I've been watching TV, blogging, chatting and texting.

Isn't it obvious that I'm too lazy to blog in detail by pasting all those links?

well, I'll be going for PLKN soon. Happy New Year, guys. May the new year bring more fruitful bounty. (is that how you say it?)

HELLO 2010....full of new surprises and experiences..


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