Thursday, December 03, 2009

Monsoon History

I know, SPM is not over yet, but my fingers are itching for the keyboard. There's only like six days left in Faris. I just finished my Physics exam, and this is like a temporary escape to town after a long exam day.

Yesterday it was raining non-stop, and within a day, the water rose to above the ankle, maybe about a quarter up the calf, and seeping through the door. The 'padang asrama' became a lake with WORMS swimming around in pinky curls


I just knew that worms don't actually drown in water, they're alive and loving the water! And it makes me hate them even more, I'm terrified of them!

I've never seen worms that so loooooong in length, okay it stretches for like 1-and-a-half ruler length and it's gross.

I became a hermit for a whole day yesterday.

So far, everything is okay I guess, BM was okay, BI was a bit unsatisfactory because I didn't like the story that I wrote. Maths fairly okay, but a few mistakes which left me feeling a little unsatisfied. PAI okay, add maths Paper 2 was a bit hard, but I hope I did okay.

I liked answering PA paper 1, EST, BIO paper 1 and 2.

Physics Paper2, PA paper 2 was a bit tough. PA paper 2 totally came up with never-before-seen questions for the LCCI question.

So, I have one more subject to go, Chemistry =) and it's bye bye.

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