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Jejak Cemerlang, or Majlis Restu Ilmu, whatever you want to call it, it took place at Renaissance Hotel on the 15th of November 2009, three days before SPM. So, we weren't suppose to be caught up in the festivities. The food was great, mainly because I was hungry, but it was a bit on the sweet side, cepat muak. Performances were great, unexpectedly, although we faced many problems in getting the show on the road. Omar sang Miley Cyrus's The Climb, Kappa and Gamma-Delta came up with sajak, each in their own style, featuring Amin, Ada for Kappa and Nizar, Nani, Faiqah, Suni, Hajar, Sunatrah and Eti. The Gamma-Delta sajak left us in stitches. Alpha-Beta came up with a drama featuring Nora and Aman as the leads. The director, Izzat said that it was inspired by Freaky Friday. So anyway, for the event, me, Lukman, Syau, and Aiman were put in charge of the slide show. We did our work in three hectic days, the show was short, but luckily we made it, all thanks to Lukman, who's the computer whizz. Huhhuhuhu.

Anyway, some parts of the majlis were boring, especially when it came to the speeches, they were extremely loong.... I killed time by eating some more. So, I kind of pigged out that night. However, Syakir's speech was great, although I wasn't listening much to the other speeches. =) After the ceremony was over, it was around what time? I couldn't remember, maybe at eleven, I think. So, I didn't have the chance to take as many pictures, well, not having a camera is one thing. As I came out of the hall, everyone were all over the place, and I lost my classmates, so I was just hanging around, trying to avoid being other people's backgrounds, hahaha.

In the end, the teachers had to shepherd us out of the hotel at around 12. Well, okay, it was worthwhile, I guess, even though I didn't get to meet the teachers, and I arrived sweating because of the rush and the thick clothes. Here are some of the pictures, they don't look so good, though.

the bored faces!

dearie Zaleha, the island girl

Hannan, splurge on the eyeliner!

The Alpha girls with Cikgu ZakiahTuhfat An-NafisPok JatSyahir, the basketball captain
Okay, now I have an 85-ringgit kurung in my closet who knows when will I wear it ever again. well, that's about it for now.


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Okay, yesterday, I went to my little sister's kindergarten sports day held at SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju Hall. Well, the field is wet because it has been raining almost every day in KL, well, in my area.
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bacaan ikar

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balloon haul
bean bag race

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