Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thinking Of You

Well, why am I blogging everything in one go tonight?

It's part of a deal, see. I finish my whatever business tonight and I let my sis have the computer until she finishes her school projects and only then do I start on my projects.

catch up updates:
> I was the emcee and Inspiration bulletin commtittee member for HKSBP East Zone Drama, before we went to UIA.

Faris won big with seven awards.

We also celebrated Nafis' birthday.

> I participated in the RHB Mighty Minds Challenge with Nafis and Hakim, and yep, the combination was the right one because we beat the NSC team- Syakir, Adah and Che Bak. But, we made the it through to the next round, but we didn't win anything unfortunately.

> and then, there was a visit from STAR, and I met my SKLK schoolmate, Amirul Izzat, strangely taller than before and less cheeky
> I won the children story writing competition for National Hari Guru, the essay titled 'Child of Hope', so I went to Terengganu with Cikgu Razuki (tumpang), Cikgu Muhammad, Cikgu Paridah, Syakir and Pok Cik Medde (driver).
> I also won the IMPAC Dublin essay competition, but my father represented me at the prize-giving ceremony.
> When we got back, I was the emcee for the school Hari Guru celebration.
> Finally, it was the Mid-Year Exam that we had to face. It was like the worst exam ever, and I came down with a 6-day fever before that after Graduation Day(everybody's asking when last year's magazine will finally be published), but I don't know how my results will turn out.

see how eventful it was?

It's that time again for another to-do-list for another busy holiday.

I'm packed.

Tomorrow I have to follow my Pa to his office from morning and then by 2 pm, I have to attend a prize-giving ceremony for the Perdana Essay.

On Friday, I have a driving license computerized test.

On Saturday and Sunday, I have a SPM seminar.

1. Add Maths
- handout (2)
- catch up on vector, integration and trigonometry
- some folio thingy I've yet to find out

2. Physics
- kertas soalan
- electromagnetic wave folio

3. BM
- Paper 1 essays (3)
- Paper 2

4. Biology handout

5. PAI
- paper 1
- paper 2

what else? I think I might have missed out some things that the teachers gave after 7am at school on Thursday.

I wonder if I have ample time for another essay competition?

dang! It's back to school for me. Though I've been trying my best to avoid posting about the most recent HKSBP, I can't help but feel...well, relieved? I wouldn't have to miss classes anymore.


I'm going to miss the fun of it *stiffles tear*

I'd really like to post about it, like, being the last HKSBP and all, but i'm still too sentimental about it.


how to end this on a positive note?



syafirie said...

sedeynye post ko...
pape pown, this is your final year


Tahniah laa mg menang perdana essay tu. . dpt no. brapa?? aku x tau pun mg menang. . waa. . tahniah weh. .!!!

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

psl addmath folio ko tue
nh.. link2 folio addmath yg dh siap.. perhaps bleh guide @ mudahkn keje ko..

Ok, ini dia:

1. Powder Milk Snow Flakes - powderpink-snowflake.blogspot.com

2. Scribd Form 5 Add Math Project 2009 - scribd.com/doc/14818885/Form-5-Add-Math-Project-2009

3. Add Math Project Form 5 2009 - addmathsproject2009.blogspot.com

4. One-School Forum - tinyurl.com/one-school

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

i bet tu je kot yg ak leh tlg..
hmm... gud lark la spm!!
20 more weeks to go!!!

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

tahniah arr ko mng essay hari guru!!

n also essay perdana tue..
ko mmg berbakat lm menulis!!