Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is post number 188.

I first started this blog after UPSR, well, actually my dad made it for me, and it was called Nana's World. Back then, it was filled with self-written poems of innocent issues, and fully in proper English. It had no pictures, because I haven't got a camera then, and the layout was the green Mr. Motto blogger template.

I can't imagine how people can get bored with their blogs, I totally love blogging, sometimes I want people to read my posts, while some other times, I just need a place to vent, or to share stuff so I don't forget.

I wonder how long will I be keeping this blog. God knows.

Will I delete it someday?...oh no...never

Anyway, today's post is about....

the SPM days

hahahha...no, 'm not going to write about the exams, that's the stressful bit, that is, when I'm doing the exam, and right after the exam, otherwise, it's kind of relaxed.

No kids around, no duties, and prep is optional if there are no teachers, well, I made that I up, but that's what we did anyway ;-D

Everyday after 5, we were allowed to go to the corner food stall for chow. Oh yum, yeah, I only made a few trips to the dining hall. Mobility is a bit difficult for the girls nowadays, now that we could only use the terowong masjid, since the main entrance to the aspuri was closed due to construction work for the new girls' dormitory block.

When, there were no exams, we could wake up late, and go to class whatever hour we please. My, if Faris had been like this since the beginning, it'd be bliss. For the record, I went to most of the classes, with or without teachers, and I end up entering a class with no people, it got boring, so then near the end, I decided to either leave prep early, or to not go for prep altogether, and studied in the dorm. It was nicer because: there was a radio, the surroundings were less cluttered as it was in class (note: 5 Beta and 5 Alpha had to move to 3 Beta and 3 Alpha respectively because our classes were used for the exams. For the record, I sat for SPM in 5 Beta, the first person by the door as in one class, only 28 people were allowed) and people bring food. Among the most popular food these kids order when they get hungry is burger, pizza, roti canai and nasi lemak. I think most of us kind of pigged out for the whole month.

There were times, right after the exams, it was too stressful, especially after Add Maths Paper two, and Physics, me and Muja totally 'jumped' even though the exam finished at 3.30, and it wasn't five yet. First, we head for the corner stall, a.k.a. Yus Corner, and order cold drinks and hot Kuey Teow Tom Yam, or Pattaya fried rice. After that, we'd head for the cybercafe or take a walk around KB, there were a few times I got in late, but other people have done greater damage! Some boys came back later than 10. It's the thrill of the moment. huhuhuu

Throughout the whole month, it was rainy and cold, most of us came to class in sweaters, and slippers! Yes!

Ho-hurm, it was so nice, and yeah, the last Thursday Night in Faris, most of us watched the Malay horror series, Jangan Tegur Lagi, I know, it's campy entertainment, but the fun of watching it with lots of people, that's nice. Later on, we watched A Chinese Ghost Story 3, and you can hear the girls scream and squeal, but not really due to the ghosts, haha ;)
there was even one night when prep was officially cancelled so the girls could watch the Anugerah Skrin, in Cikgu Paridah's room.

oh, and about prep, since there were dating cases (I'm not involved, I don't know why I have to assure you of this, but for the record, haha), the prep classes were held by separating the boys and the girls, the girls at the form 5 block, and the boys at the form 3 block. That was how prep became optional, because people didn't like moving around or studying in other people's classes, so they gave up going to prep altogether.

Maggie, and hot 3-in-1 drinks were popular, for the last few days, Zaleha made some tea, and so, me, Syuhadah, Muja, Nad and Qiss joined in for crakers and tea.

Handphones, were, I should say, 'abundant'.

Those were the best times of my life, stress-free environment, although there is a tendency to doze off on the bed, but heck. Life's good.

Tomorrow I have driving class. Wish me luck. =)


aRiFF hAFIZi said...

nice one.

reminds me to my school.. but one thing what makes us totally different was the distance from school to hostel.as i remember it is approximately 540m.

nobody went to study at school due to the monsoon season.

all of us ended up studying in the DM. It was quite crowded and some tends to stay back in the dorm or bilik studi in order to hv some peace.(i was one of those who skipped the class n studied in the bilik studi...bising pn..)

the rest were quite similar...

hidup budak sbp~

Al - Amin said...

swit memoris utk diingat..
idop y stress tp bebas..
jump 2 my blog plak..
ade le sdikit update..
my mission 2 put one post a day..
x tau le mampu ke x..